What Is an Electronic Signature and How Does It Work?


The advancement of technology has changed the way we used to manage our business and documents. A digital signature is one of the great inventions of technology that we have witnessed in the last few years.

It allows you to sign any document digitally, without having to change the format of your digital file. Taking your business online can be a great way to use technology. However, it exposes your data to the number of threats through malicious activities.

Hence, a digital signature works as a great tool to protect you from those threats and works as a legal binding signature. Although it looks like a regular signature, you can do a lot more by creating an electronic signature on CocoSign.

What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is something like a regular signature that ensures that the document is approved or sent by you. However, it also works as an additional security layer to protect the identity of your paper.

These signatures are not limited to your handwriting, and one can not alter it by drawing a similar figure on the document. It has nothing to do with your signature type, as there’s all the complicated coding and numbers behind that sign.

Additionally, you can use it as a stamp to ensure that the document is not tempered while sending it by multiple users. You receive a signature stamp that shows that the document is not altered and is safe to use.

In simple words, it is a great way to sign, send, and receive your files without having to change their format every time you want to proceed with a document.

How Does Electronic Signature Works?

When you sign a digital document, a new code with digits and numbers is created. It is not identifiable and works as a tool to keep your signature unique. This way, someone can not alter the document even if they can do an electronic signature just like yours.

This code is unique and is changed immediately when someone tries to alter the Signature. It means that your document certificate will change to protect the original document from the attack.

When you send the document to someone, this code is matched with the actual code to ensure there is no tampering with your copy. This way, you can quickly sign your PDF and share it with your business partners without any worries.

How to Sign a Digital Document With Electronic Signature?

Now, as you know about the electronic signatures, you would want to know about how you can use this technology. Fortunately, multiple platforms allow you to sign documents digitally.  

There are applications like CocoSign that allow you to embed electronic signatures on your document.

It is popular because you do not need to change the format of your file to edit them. This feature is helpful when you want to sign a PDF file without having to edit it.

You can do all of this by creating a free account on their platform. After that, you can create a signature on CocoSign and save them for your documents. It allows you to embed that Signature by uploading any document on your account.

Many platforms allow you to sign documents digitally. It all depends on the features and benefits of the platforms that match your requirements.

Benefits of Electronic Signature by CocoSign

Here are some of the benefits of using electronic signatures for your documents:

– Legally Binding Signature
These electronic signatures are safe to embed on your documents. But the best thing is that they can be used as the legally binding Signature just like your wet Signature. It means that you can easily send and receive your documents without having to sign them physically.

This feature is helpful for those people who do want to share their confidential documents to sign physically. With this platform, they can do it by embedding a security code with their Signature. This way, they can understand whether their document is tempered by someone else or not.

– Supports Multiple Formats
The best thing about an electronic signature is that it allows you to sign your documents in any format. It means that you no longer need to worry about your PDFs file to get a digital sign on them. Additionally, you can do all of this without changing the format of your file.

There are only a few applications that offer this feature. You can use Docs File, PDF, JPG, and all other formats to embed your electronic Signature. Additionally, you can sign them by following the same process for all the formats.

– It Is Fast and Efficient
There was a time when you needed to travel all night to get to a business meeting and sign some documents. However, this platform helps you save your time and sign your business documents efficiently.

Additionally, the signing process is quick and much more comfortable than signing the physical paper. All you need to do is upload your document and embed your digital Signature on the document.

Then you can easily share it with your online contacts or download the signed file to transfer outside the platform. This benefit makes it one of the best applications to get an electronic signature on your document.

To Conclude

Electronic signature is a great way to save time and effort. However, it is necessary to find the right service provider to help you get your signatures on the document. You can use CocoSign to sign your documents securely. It offers multiple features to ensure the privacy of your records.

The working of an electronic signature makes it an excellent fit for your business documents. The way it uses multiple codes and numbers to protect the paper assures that anyone can use this technology.