Top 3 Popular Plate Materials For Printing


Before you get a plate material printed, it is important to find out if the material fits your application. You can choose from a variety of materials with a unique look. You also research whether you are going to use it indoors or outdoors. Select your favorite material from our top 3 with various looks and features.

1. Go into depth with plexiglass

Printed plexiglass (translation: plexiglas bedrukken) is a clear sheet material that resembles glass. The material is 5 mm thick and is printed on the back. This creates a depth which gives a beautiful three-dimensional effect to all your printed matter. Plexiglas is printed by means of UV-pinting. Optionally you can order with a blockout on the backside, which prevents translucency. Plexiglass has a long life and is durable in use. The material is resistant to water and sunlight so you can also use it outdoors.
Features: strong, translucent, UV and water resistant
Applications: suitable for indoors and outdoors, e.g. as wall decoration, facade signs or illuminated advertising.

2. Pin-sharp prints on dibond

For photos with a lot of details choose dibond. Dibond consists of three layers, this is sometimes called a sandwich structure. The top and bottom layer consist of aluminum with a hard-black plastic core in the middle. Printing on dibond (translation: dibond bedrukken) gives a luxurious and exclusive look. It makes, among other things, black and white photos look very beautiful. Dibond can be printed single or double sided and is lightweight. In addition, it is resistant to various weather conditions.
Features: strong, light, white topcoat, UV and water resistant.
Applications: indoors and outdoors, for example as billboards, facade signs, exhibition and beach material or photo wall panels.

3. Super affordable display board

Display board is a low-cost sheet material for temporary applications and is widely used to decorate stores. Display cardboard consists of 2 mm thick cardboard with a smooth white top layer on both sides. This allows you to have it printed on one or both sides. The big advantage of display cardboard is that it can be cut into any desired shape. In addition, the cardboard is fully recyclable.

Attention: this material is not water resistant and only suitable for indoor applications!
Features: light, environmentally friendly, inexpensive
Applications: temporary indoor applications, such as signs, displays and ceiling pendants
These are three popular plate materials on which you can have your designs printed. Which material suits your application best?