Manage Multiple Browsing Sessions With These Chrome Extensions


Multiple browsing sessions in our beloved browsers sounded like a luxury in the past, but not anymore. With a whole bunch of apps, and services providing the facility, the luxury of enjoying multiple browsing sessions is now at our disposal, and the best part is that this incredible feature does not cost us a fortune.

These third-party plugins work as extensions to our browsers and enhance their utility instantly.

MultiLogin: Use multiple accounts on the same site at the same time
Does your work demand on using multiple accounts on the same site? Multilogin offers comprehensive solutions that enhance web scraping efficiency and uninterrupted data extraction, including features like fingerprint masking for undetectability, easy integration with tools like Puppeteer & Selenium, and simplified management of multiple API calls. Additionally, it supports hassle-free management of multiple accounts, ensuring security, rapid profile creation, and improved workspace permissions and roles

Whenever you are browsing the ocean of the internet, and you and your friend need to login to your Facebook accounts, with MultiLogin Chrome Extension you both can do so at the same time in the same browser without having to go incognito. Just one click and there you are sorted. Yes, MultiLogin is THAT simple yet effective to use and you can download it free of cost. Talking about costs, see Spectrum internet prices if you’re looking to leave your unreliable internet provider and are willing to switch to a more dependable and affordable internet providing company.

SessionBox: One stop solution to multisession browsing and sharing
Do you find it frustrating too, not being able to start multiple sessions of the same website? SessionBox allows you to do that while being compatible with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. The facility allows you to initiate multiple instances of the same website. Tabs can be color-coded easily helping you to sort and juggle between tabs of personal and professional nature, without fretting much over it.

Another cherry on the top is the feature of share-able sessions, hence no need to hand out passwords to someone else when you do not want to. Although the service uses shared storage, the tabs don’t invade data from your previous sessions. SessionBox ensures data security by cloud sync and client-side data encryption.

Multi-Session Box: Handle multiple logins, the simpler way
Developed by a Russian software house, Multi-Session Box helps you with multiple logins on the same website at the same time. It is simple and extremely safe to use. It lets you create new sessions and multi-task between them without having to go Incognito, or change browser window. It is compatible with social media accounts like, Facebook, Twitter, VK, etc.

The extension is available in English and Russian and has a simpler interface as compared to Session Box, although the utility remains largely the same.

Session Switcher: Make viewing and editing your active sessions more organized
Developed by PlugEx, Session Switcher, previously known as Account Manager allows you to store and switch between multiple sessions. You can store sessions in the extension by a unique name, as well as access and activate them by just a single click.

Multiple account sessions can be activated or deactivated and the user can switch between current and old sessions easily with an active backup and recovery system. And in case you wish to move to another computer, it is compatible with Google Sync.

Swap My Cookies: Let it manage your cookies when you switch accounts on a single website
Developed by Developer Tools, Swap My Cookies is a browser extension that effectively manages your cookies when you switch between accounts on the same website. Easily switch between multiple user accounts, be it personal or professional, just by a single click. The extension is equally compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. So, manage your accounts with this super useful tool and leave your cookie woes to it.

Easy Account Switcher: Switch between work and personal accounts easily
This extension lets you switch between multiple YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit accounts with just a click. Whether you are using them for personal or professional purposes, no need to constantly log-in and log-out or going incognito while switching accounts.

All you need to do is create multiple accounts in the extension and associate different social media or professional accounts to them, save their cookies, and load them whenever you need them.

Profile Cookie Switcher: Manage multiple cookie sessions for all your websites
Profile cookie switcher serves the same purpose as other extensions listed above but is different in a way that instead of opening new tabs each time, it focuses on all websites.

Also, whenever you access a website, it asks you if you wish to begin multiple sessions. If yes, all you have to do is create a separate profile in it and leave the rest of the trouble for the extension.
Profile Cookie Switcher is actually a one-stop solution for people who use or have to manage multiple social media profiles or e-commerce accounts.

Final Words

These browser extensions are sure to make your browsing experience a lot more convenient, saving you time and money. So, if you have multiple users of the same computer or multiple profiles of the same user, you know what to do to save time. We would love to hear about your experience in the comments below!