SMS Vs Email Marketing – Advice From The Klaviyo Marketing Experts


At Eventige, our Klaviyo marketing experts often get asked what the difference is between SMS and email marketing and while the answer would seem to be quite obvious, the two different types can alter your marketing strategy quite markedly. This is over and above the fact that the two different methods involve either a phone or an email inbox.

Here we look at some of the differences, between the two, which influence Klaviyo marketing experts to choose one over the other. By reading to the end, you most probably won’t be an expert yourself, but you will understand the main differences. So, without any further hyperbole, let’s begin.

Klaviyo Marketing Experts Use SMS As it’s More Personal

One of the primary reasons why SMS is often used by Klaviyo marketing experts is because it’s more personal. Your marketing texts go straight to the mobile phone of your target audience which people tend to carry with them all of the time, almost guaranteeing they will see your message.

SMS is Used by Klaviyo Marketing Experts for Urgent Messages

In addition to the intimacy provided by SMS, the immediacy offered is also often preferred for urgent or time-sensitive messages. For example, if you decided to run a flash sale, you would use SMS rather than email marketing, as they’re likely to miss it otherwise – given how often people check their phones.

Marketing Emails Offer Much More Room With Which to Work

One of the drawbacks of SMS marketing is that you only have 160 characters to use to get your message across and you don’t get the luxury of being able to use images. Klaviyo marketing experts get much more space with which to create a compelling message and create customer interaction with emails. You have to know how to do it right, but emails offer a far greater marketing scope.

Eventige – The Klaviyo Marketing Experts You Can Trust

In truth, when you’re considering whether to use email or SMS marketing, you need to first comprehend what you’re wanting to achieve and how you want to interact with your target audience. Companies often implement a simultaneous strategy that involves both, with one complementing the other and through thorough testing, you’ll get a much clearer idea of what’s right for you.

At Eventige Media Group, our Klaviyo marketing experts have extensive experience in creating tailored SMS and email marketing campaigns that deliver results. If you would like to know more about anything discussed here, you should visit us online at where you’ll also find details of our full range of digital marketing services.

Our team is dedicated to achieving the very best results for our clients and we view your success as our own. We also have a proven track record in the field, so when you need marketing experts that you can trust, you know exactly where to come. Thanks for reading, we’ll be back again soon with more from the home of effective, cost-efficient digital marketing.