What is The Role Of Interior Design In The Restaurant Business?


A 2014 study shows that the interior design of a restaurant is one of the factors that influence customer satisfaction. The various components of interior design combined with the food contribute to the overall acceptance of your restaurant.

The interior design plays a big part in creating the right ambience for your restaurant and therefore deciding the customers’ behaviour. You can use the interior design of your restaurant to shape the desired response from your customer.

·  The interior designing of a restaurant has psychological impacts on your customer. Choosing the right colour, the right design, the suitable materials can help you maximize the potential of your restaurant.

·  The way a restaurant looks makes patrons form speculations about the restaurant long before they start dining. It becomes a vital part of the branding strategy as potential guests decide whether the restaurant is good enough for them to eat at just by the looks of it.

· The lighting and colours have a subconscious effect on individuals forming different impressions. The lighting has to be done just right. Not too bright as to be distracting and not too dim for them to struggle to move around.

Architecture and Design

The architecture and design of your restaurant determine how spacious or congested it will get during peak operating hours. Your guests and servers need to be able to move around without bumping into tables or having to dodge chairs on the move. Your planning and layout will pay off in the end when your servers and customers feel comfortable in their space. Adding half-circle booth setups is one of the best interior designs for restaurant furniture layout as it assures that guests don’t bump into each other while moving around.

The right seats can be the game-changer

You wouldn’t pay much attention to your seats, right! But the types of chairs you use have a direct influence on the customer’s experience. After they have made it to your restaurant, guests usually spend 10 to 15 minutes waiting for their meals depending on how fast the service is. During this time, they are socializing with their companions and ought to be comfortable enough so that they are relaxed, making them wait patiently enough for the service.

Seats are also a way to get to your customer on a subconscious level. If you want them to linger around, have comfortable chairs with plump cushions that allow guests to sink in giving them the cosy feeling. If you wish to fast turnovers have seats that are comfortable but not so much that they would want to keep sitting on.

Restrooms must be easy to locate as guests might find it uncomfortable to ask for directions. Have signs visible from all angles and seating positions. The location should be strategic as having it too close to the kitchen might be off-putting and also close to the entrance will have sort of the same effect.