Why Are Logic Puzzles So Addictive?


The late nineteenth century saw the advent of several puzzle games in the market. Games like Sudoku and picture cross have ever since made their place in the hearts of puzzlers. These are fun and engaging recreational activities, and people love solving such puzzles for one or many reasons.

Besides being entertaining, these are also addicting. They put your reasoning abilities to the test and keep you immersed in finding the solution. What else? Here are three crucial reasons why logic puzzles quickly become an addiction:

1. Logic puzzles provide a sense of success

Solving puzzles requires finding hidden information in the game and combining it with the information already in your memory. This blend leads you to find the twist and patterns a puzzle conceals, provoking the “aha!” moment once you reach the endpoint. It’s like facing a real-life problem and reaching conclusions in the best ways possible to experience a sense of accomplishment.

2. Logic puzzles make you feel smart

The feeling that you get after solving logic puzzles is absolutely thrilling. Each level makes you feel like a mastermind who was able to conquer levels that not everyone could. Of course, with enough practice and determination, anyone can solve a Sudoku or picture cross puzzle, for instance. But until then, your strategies and achievements set you apart.

3. Logic puzzles are a perfect escape

Yes, puzzles are quite nurturing when you’re going through tough times. These are readily available, inexpensive, come in a variety, and are challenging yet relaxing. They’re seemingly a solution to the uncertainties in life. People often get their daily dose of entertainment and escape with crosswords, picture cross, or Sudoku puzzles. These prove an excellent distraction shifting your mind away from anything that’s troubling you onto the games’ enthralling world. Regardless of how long you play a puzzle, it becomes a (healthy) addiction that helps you momentarily part ways from real-life challenges.

In conclusion

Once you find a game that suits your taste and you get the hang of its rules, the curiosity to find solutions and see the rewards accumulating keeps you engrossed.

Those containing pictures, numbers, or shapes are even more loved since they’re autonomous of any language and can be enjoyed by anyone around the globe.

That’s the appeal of logic puzzles. You just need to wear your thinking hat and get going.

We’re hooked to picture cross and block puzzles. Let us know in the comments below, which ones are you addicted to!