The Most Trendy Startup for 2020


When it comes to keeping track of our life goals, our health should be a top priority. Especially nowadays since COVID−19 has been wreaking havoc on our daily lives. People more than ever before are taking their health seriously and more people are becoming increasingly acceptive of digital health care. There has been an increase in vitamin sales, as people are desperate to boost their immune system.

With so many unknowns factors, such as the virus mutating. It’s a strong possibility the digitization of healthcare will be the new normal. Now is the time to consider jumping into the trend of digital healthcare, so let’s explore what the future of Digital medicine could mean for you.

Considering a Digital Medicine Startup

It can be a daunting task when starting a business, especially in an industry that is becoming increasingly` popular like digital medicine. While of course healthcare has been around for ages, the field itself is slowly starting to transform into something new. Innovators and investors looking to begin a startup in healthcare are taking notice, the high interest in this field is the perfect time to get involved.

There are many ways you can get started into digital medicine, one example is making apps for hospitals and clinics. Perhaps getting involved in online home self−care products? Now is the time to find your own niche in the field, digital trends in medicine can not only be a profitable investment but a rewarding one as well. Finding the right company that can serve you on you’re digital healthcare startup can make your journey easier. A company that already has experience in developing other trendy healthcare solutions.

Here a list of examples of digital medicine to inspire you.

1. SliverCloud Health − digital mental behavioral health platform. They focus on mental health and emotional well−being
2. PeerWell − they specialized in a musculoskeletal recovery platform for injured patients.
3. Devicare − a biotech company that develops advanced medical treatments in Urology. They specialized in treating kidney stones with formularized medical food that helps the nutritional needs of the patients.
4. MeruHealth − a digital platform for people who are suffering from depression, their goal is to help reduce patient’s medical bills and provide an online community for those suffering from mental health issues.
5. Talkspace − online therapy that helps patients connect with a professional and licensed therapist at affordable prices.
6. Maven Clinic − virtual clinic for helping women and families, helping women through pregnancy and postpartum.

How do I get Started into Digital Medicine?

When starting a new business in any industry, it’s always important to take notice of the top companies in the industry you’re trying to break into. Use them as sort of a blueprint as to how you envision your own company coming to life. Don’t try to copy them, but instead use them as inspiration.

Don’t feel intimated by larger companies, as there are many smaller companies that have become equally successful and grew larger over time. The important thing is finding something your passionate about and letting it drive you to success in the world of digital medicine.