Amazing Architectural Design Projects in Florida


Miami is the home of the most astonishing architectural projects in Florida. The mix of state-of-the-art projects and historical buildings will amaze every architecture lover. There are modern and technologically advanced buildings such as the Muse Residences. Check this list to find out more about the most unique architectural design projects!

Muse Residences

Located in Sunny Isles, the Muse Residences is a true masterpiece when we talk about architectural design. It is an exclusive and luxurious residential building that favors modern technologies. The oceanfront condo building doesn’t only offer spectacular views. The state of the art system allows you to enjoy advanced technological features such as robot parking. The designers’ goal was to use modern technologies to bring practical features that make one’s life more convenient. This is the first building in Florida that features robotic parking via a smartphone app. The resident is notified when the car is ready, which saves so much time. This is a perfect feature for people with a busy lifestyle. The condos include a smart home system and take advantage of technology to make everyday life easier for residents. The high-end building offers a vast range of amenities to enjoy the Miami lifestyle.

Panorama Tower

The Panorama Tower is the tallest building in Florida. The stunning 85 story skyscraper is located in Downtown Miami. Initially, its construction was approved in 2006. However, the process was put to hold due to the Great Recession and started in 2013. Residents get to enjoy the beautiful views of the Biscayne Bay while having luxurious amenities available.

Plant Hall

The Plant Hall by the University of Tampa is a historically significant building. Its unique appearance is very distinctive, s the hall has Moorish and Turkish elements. The construction was completed in 1891, but today’s value is estimated to $65 million. Initially, it was a luxurious hotel with modern utilities that were rarely available at that time. Nowadays, it is a part of the university campus.

Salvador Dali Museum

The art museum is dedicated to the surrealist artist, featuring a unique design. You can’t expect anything else from a museum like this one. Architecture lovers will admire the 75-foot high glass bubbles that surround the building. Both of them have their distinctive names: Enigma and Igloo. However, the amusement doesn’t stop here. The staircase with a futuristic design resembles the look of the DNA structure. The helix design inspired designers and architects from all over the world.

Freedom Tower

This tower has a deep historical meaning that shows Miami’s diversity. Back in the ’60s, it was a center for helping refugees. Located in the Biscayne Boulevard, it allows visitors to view an exhibition dedicated to the Cuban diaspora.

Pérez Art Museum

Pérez Art Museum is a contemporary art museum that hosts significant exhibitions. While it offers you a chance to take a look at different arts, it is a masterpiece by itself. The stunning building has a patio that is free for use. You can see locals relaxing, reading a book, and enjoying the view.

Fontainebleau Hotel

The stunning hotel was built in 1954, with a mission to be an ultra-luxurious hotel. It is famous for the “staircase to nowhere“. They were built so that women can climb up, hang their coats, and make a spectacular entrance back. However, there is another incredible thing about the hotel. There are a total of 11 pools in the outdoor space. The hotel was so luxurious that Marilyn and Elvis were regular guests.

Museum Garage

The Museum Garagedeosn’t have any historical significance, but it makes its way to this list due to the design. The contemporary exterior is a collaboration between five different architects. It looks modern, abstract, and cartoonish.