7 Modern Architectural Design Project That Look Marvelous


As we walk into the future, our cities are transforming smarter than ever. This transformation is visible not only in how we communicate with our surroundings – but also in the infrastructure that act as the very foundation of the more futuristic spaces around us.

As a matter of fact, the framework of smart cities revolves around functional technology – and – on a design that could sustain and coordinate with such advance technology. Hence, it is important for architects to embrace and incorporate every kind of element of graphic, interior, art, industrial, architecture, and typographical design in the design and development of structures that exemplify modernism and future-orientness.

Typography is one such element that is still used by Architects to add accessibility and identity in particular infrastructure. Lettering and signage design often forms the basis of the project for architects to add a sense of distinction and uniqueness to a building. And, the secret to creating premium-quality signage designs is the process of precise cutting and laser engraving of the materials”, share with us B2B signage professionals from Front Signs. This signage design for long acted as a mark of identity for buildings. And, they served the dual purpose of drawing attention and giving direction to the visitors. However, our ways and means of communication have changed and the modern architectural designs are bound to reflect those changes in the near future.

In the near future, the vision to modern development and architectural design will be inspired by modular shapes, impressive masses, and variations in design that always remained an essence of progression and evolution for humans. And, to the very surprise, these developments have already started to reflect in the modern architectural design of recent times. Some of them are:

1. Bauhaus – Germany

The building by Walter Gropius is still so much relevant and inspirational in the modern architectural sense. The design is indeed the most regarded architectural design of both the 20th and 21st century. Gropius who himself was seen as the founder of modernism used all the elements of design to make this German “School of Building” a masterpiece and impressive design.

2. AEG Turbine Factory – Berlin

Design by the architect, Peter Behrens – the design is almost a magical one that makes it a most appreciated factory design ever. The design is itself a fascinating form of history that outlines the understanding of Behrens about the modern architectural designs. The whole factory design is prepared by Behrens that answers to the questions of modern-day architecture. The design is simple yet a remarkable piece of modernism that won him many accolades and turns his design into highly acclaimed ones.

3. The Guggenheim Museum

The whole design of the Guggenheim Museum was conceptualized and envisioned by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1949. The great design was linked to human intervention with nature. The cone-shaped design of the museum indulged art galleries and collections across its vicinity. Wright playfulness with geometry is reflected in the building design that outlined human sentiments, mood, and ideas all in one design. And each one of the designs of the structure is almost suggestive of the human spirit. For example – cone signified structural unity, triangle signified infinity, square for progress and integrity.

4. Barcelona Pavilion

Introduced primarily as the German Pavilion for the International exposition of 1929 in Barcelona, the design was inspired by the Bauhaus movement. The unique design leveraged transparent walls and cantilevered roof. The minimal design incorporated materials like marble, onyx, and travertine. And the whole architecture was turned into a more extraordinary one with the lavish furniture that proffered a completely out of the world essence.

5. Isokon Building in London

The residential Building Isokon is majestic art-piece that is listed as a key landmark in the British capital. The building is a full-fledge residential space which accommodates 32 apartments, 24 studio apartment, staff room and garage. Along with this, there are enumerable tiny kitchen with a large communal kitchen to serve the residents. Along with this, there are several other areas for laundry and other purposes. The building stays a source of modern-day architects to be influenced and translate those inspirations from the building design into more future-oriented designs. The building is refurbished by Avanti Architects in 2003 who revamped the buildings with their specialization.

6. Villa Dirickz

Another stupendous design is Villa Dirickz that comprises eye-catching blocks, glass works, and concrete work with greenery. The villa is completely luxurious and lavish pioneered by superior art and interior works. The building is design and developed by the eminent Marcel Leborgne who is considered father of modern architecture in homeland. The villa is designed by Mr Dirickz who is dedicated to bringing art to people around. And, the building is renovated several times to keep its beauty and mesmerizing designs intact for generation to come. Along with other rooms, there are cinema and a wine cellar within the building.

7. Glass House Connecticut USA

The glass house on American soil is one of the landmark designs that are sought after as a tremendous piece of modern day architecture. The wonderful building is built by Philip Johnson. He utilized the features of the glass to sum up a truly fascinating piece of art work through reflection of glasses. The design is ultra-modern and features glass to shape a minimal design. Along with the glass, the building has several steel components that offer superior strength and robustness to the entire building. However, on numerous occasions, there were leakages on the roof that made it resemble like a falling water house and is considered ridiculous as four bucket house.


While these modern architectural pieces are not enough to content the growing human aspiration but the endeavor to develop future and timeless designs will remain alive. For architects, it is important to be all-inclusive in channelizing imagination and inspiration into intriguing concept and awe-inspiring structure. And it indeed would become the cornerstone of modern day architecture.