How To Find Safe Hotstar Streaming Sites 


For people who want to stream Indian-based content, Hotstar is one of the most popular places you can stream–from movies and TV series to music.

However, like most streaming sites, people can’t often tell a safe site from an unsafe one. If you’re among those looking for ways to find safe Hotstar streaming sites, here’s how. 

What Is Hotstar? 
Hotstar, which is a subsidiary of Disney’s Star India company, is a top Indian streaming service. It focuses on Indian-based content, although some other programs are also included in the streaming platform.

Hotstar serves diverse content ranging from Indian and international films and television series to TV programs down to sports content.

With over 300 million active users for both free and paid subscriptions, it can be said that  Hotstar is a streaming giant.  

Can You Access Hotstar Outside India?

Filled with diverse content that’s only exclusive to the platform, it isn’t surprising that people living outside India would love to get access to Hotstar. Sadly, due to geo-restrictions, it’s not possible for foreigners or even Indians living abroad to get access to Hotstar. This is because Hotstar is only available to people living in India.

How, then do you safely access this wonderful platform if you’re outside India? The answer is VPN.
VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is used to protect from web threats. In addition to that, a VPN can be used to access websites that are blocked due to geo-restrictions, device restriction, or something else.

The risk of exposure to the virus, data phishing, fraud, and more have grown even more prominent.

Also, there’s little or no privacy about one’s personal data. This is why protection is needed when you’re using the Internet.

When you using a VPN, all restrictions fade away. Also, you’re provided with web protection. Since you can’t access Hotstar ordinarily if you’re outside India, you can use VPN to access Hotstar. For more information on how to watch Hotstar outside India, visit

By using a VPN server, your exact IP address will no longer be visible. Instead, you become almost totally invisible or anonymous on the internet. When using a top-notch VPN service, your original IP address and location will either become invisible to Hotstar or Hotstar sees it as an Indian-based IP address.  

Being a top-rated streaming platform, you should know that not all VPN servers can allow you to gain access to Hotstar. For one, some VPN servers are not designed to access Indian sites. Secondly, some VPN servers are not powerful enough to access Hotstar due to Hotstar’s top-class coverage and protection system. To access Hotstar, you should only use high-capacity VPN servers that are connected to India.  

The Best 3 VPNs for Hotstar

There are several VPN service providers in the market, but not all of them are top-quality. Some VPN servers are not capable of accessing highly protected sites due to inferior technology. Some have no connection with the location you would like to access, while some are just pure scams that might even end up stealing your data for fraudulent purposes.  

Here are VPN servers that are considered to be the best for accessing Hotstar:

– 1. ExpressVPN 
This VPN service provider is considered to be the best because it easily accesses Hotstar and other highly-guarded sites. It’s also known to have a super high speed. The best aspect of this VPN server is that it has access to all locations.

Most of its users claim that all their worries about web threats disappeared after they started using it.

Because of its top-notch service, ExpressVPN is a bit on the expensive side, which is only a small price to pay for their excellent service.  

– 2. NordVPN
NordVPN is the next VPN service provider that can guarantee a bit as much accessibility and protection as ExpressVPN. NordVPN balances ease of access with connection speed. It doesn’t have any problem accessing Hotstar and other high-zone sites and platforms as well. Another strong point for the NordVPN server is that it’s relatively cheap.

– 3. Surfshark
Surfshark is a bit like NordVPN server: it can access Hotstar, but it is not as reliable or fast. Although, it’s the cheapest, so its quality of service is worth its price.

One thing ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark have in common is that you can be assured since they have a money-back guarantee if after 30 days you won’t enjoy their service.


Just because you’re outside India doesn’t mean you cannot safely stream Hotstar. By using a VPN, you can access Hotstar without any restriction.

The VPN servers listed above, as well as some others, will provide the ease of access and protection you need to safely and comfortably stream in Hotstar without any restriction.