Managing Your Real Estate Marketing Campaign During The COVID-19 Pandemic


It doesn’t need to be said that the real estate sector in the US has taken a massive hit due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we transition to a new normal where social distancing is key to preventing the spread of infection among community members, real estate brokers need to devise new ways to promote their listings effectively. Fortunately, we live in an age where we are able to overcome the limitations imposed by distance and time, and this is done through the internet.

Why Is The Internet The Best Medium For Your Listing?

Besides the fact that the internet grants us the ability to reach an audience far and wide instantly, the fact that community quarantines are in effect means that there is a sudden and massive spike in internet use. The internet has just become our primary medium to perform tasks and to gain information. Now, the trick to saving a real estate marketing campaign is to leverage available technologies. Below are a few examples for how to do this:

Virtual Tours

Because investors and buyers cannot visit properties amidst this pandemic, the use of virtual tours is going to be the next best thing that’s going to provide prospective buyers with a preview of a property.

Virtual Open Houses

Virtual open houses are similar to virtual tours except for the fact that open houses cater to multiple viewers. This not only saves time, but it also ensures that you’re able to reach as many prospective buyers as you can in a single instance.


As previously mentioned, there is currently a massive spike in the number of internet users. This matters very much because this is traffic waiting to be made. When your website ranks on the first page of Google search results, there’s bound to be a wealth of quality leads. Measures such as blogging and podcasting contribute to improving your website’s SEO ranking.

CRM Software

A key characteristic of launching a digital marketing campaign is the possibility (dare I say, eventuality) that you’re going to be bombarded with customer data and communications. It’s easy to fall into disarray if you don’t have Customer Relationship Management software to help keep things organized. Because there are many CRM software providers to choose from, it’s important to weigh information from websites like this real estate crm comparison site to help you make an informed decision.

Leverage Social Media

Again, because more people spend their time online, there’s a higher probability that they’re going to stumble upon your listing. While it’s true that social media platforms tend to be less business-oriented and more casual, the fact that almost everyone who uses the internet has at least one social media account makes social media platforms effective channels to broadcast your campaign. Facebook even has a Marketplace feature that allows users to list items for sale.

While we don’t know how much longer we need to endure this pandemic, the need to adjust to it is clear and urgent. Technology is, and will always be our best means to adapt to the environment we find ourselves in.