Digital Marketing for Outdoor Brands – A Matter of Survival


Digital marketing has become the new norm in the market. While the traditional marketing methods such as newspaper advertisements, pamphlet distribution and banners are still very much a part of the marketing strategy of outdoor brands however digital marketing seems to be taking over. It would not be an exaggeration to say that employing this new age marketing method has become a matter of survival for these brands. If you are still sceptic about using this method and think you are doing just fine with your age old tactics of promoting products then this piece of writing can be an eye opener for you.

Read on to know as to why it is essential to create a name in the digital space.

Increasing Number of Internet Users

Statistics reveal that more than 4.50 billion people around the world use internet. This amounts to more than 50% of the world population. So, if your brand is not on the internet you aren’t marketing well. In fact, you are losing the chance to connect with a vast majority of your prospects.

Now, marketing for outdoor brands on the internet doesn’t just mean posting about your products regularly. You need to pay close attention to what exactly you are posting. People love scrolling through different web pages and like to explore any interesting thing they come across. No one stops by to see the usual, mundane stuff when there are numerous exciting things around. So, you must come up with attractive content that does not only has the capacity to grab attention but also engage the users and encourage them to come back for more.

Growing Shift towards Online Shopping

Another reason why you must be on the internet is because this has become a preferred medium for shopping in the current times. Online shopping offers the ease to shop from the comfort of your home. Besides, comparing and contrasting rates of different products is extremely easy when you shop online. Reportedly, more than 80% internet users search for various products and services online. It is a good idea to advertise your brand on different platforms and link these ads with your e-commerce portal so that the buyers do not face hassle finding your products.

Bonding and Building Trust Made Easy

It is difficult to connect with the audience using the conventional marketing methods as they enable only one way communication. Conversely, digital marketing facilitates two-way communication and is thus a great medium to connect with the prospects as well as existing customers. Just as the outdoor brands share information about their schemes and offers using this new age medium the consumers can also interact with them and provide feedback about their services and products. Many times, brands work on the feedback and improvise accordingly. This makes the consumers feel valued and helps in creating a bond between the two. This goes a long way in establishing trust in the brand.

To conclude we can say that outdoor brands that aren’t using digital marketing strategically are losing out on a lot of business and may even struggle to survive in the times to come!