Why Education is Key to Effective Digital Marketing


Before a customer can patronize a business, they must first recognize the business and then understand what it does. After all, you wouldn’t buy a product or service that you didn’t know anything about. As such, education plays a crucial role in the modern marketing and sales process. Indeed, many businesses offer new, unique, or very niche products or services. This means that they must inform their customer base before they try to persuade them. Here, we’ll explain how the best marketing professionals manage this feat:

For Comparison’s Sake

One of the best ways to introduce a new product or service is to use an existing product or service as a foil. By comparing your product or service to a recognized entity, you can immediately attract the attention of interested customers. Just make sure to elucidate why your product or service is preferable to other options. For example, some stem cell therapies can act as viable spinal fusion alternatives, which means that patients may not have to undergo a complicated surgery or deal with an intense/painful recovery period to address back pain. Though this is a quick snapshot, don’t be afraid to go into more detail in your marketing material.

Problem Solvers

Sometimes a new product or service doesn’t have a recognizable alternative. In such cases, it’s probably best for marketers to position their product or service as a problem-solver. Focus on the issues that the product or service itself will resolve. Pro tip: identify “problem” keywords like “how to clean a messy surface” or “how to manage money” to optimize on your site. Doing so will ensure that qualified leads can find your organization online.

Building Awareness

Ironically, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to market an innovative product or service. Rather, it’s usually best to follow the classic marketing play of building brand awareness first and foremost. Introducing your product or service in a smart way will ensure you’re able to create more substantial content pieces down the line. Remember, you have to get someone’s attention first before you get their interest.

Follow Up

A quality content strategy should allow marketers to connect with consumers multiple times. After all, one interaction is rarely sufficient to generate a sale. Given that fact, it’s important for marketers to develop ways to engage with consumers across various platforms and at different times during the sales cycle. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one long blog post is all you need to produce to properly educate your audience. Instead, hit them with a barrage of excellent marketing content in the form of social media posts and ads, email campaigns, podcasts, and videos. Manage that and you’ll likely achieve success.