Which is Better: Custom Development or a Standard CMS


Custom Development or CMS is not the usual question that usual person could have daily.

Both ways of Development Custom or CMS offer services that could give the right decision for the client. At the stage, when usually this question appears, only custom web development company could provide the correct answer.

Custom development for the projects consists of designing, creation, implementation, and maintaining software for niche users, features teams or businesses. Custom development helps meet unique requirements, and such a project will move through the usual stages of requirements gathering, code construction, testing, and deployment.

CMS – this is an item of software designed to help users create and edit a website.
CMS significantly speeds up the development, for example, of a simple website.

CMS – is a site management system that greatly facilitates the life of the team that works on this project – filling out articles on the site, update the content on pages, work on service pages, update the blog, etc. CMS also helps people without sufficient expertise to avoid extra time spending for such actions. Thanks to the CMS systems, users can edit the site without the help of a developer.

When the client is leading the development on the custom development side, you build the user interactions with the data and functions by yourself. This is a real plus for any business requirements.

Custom development for the projects usually took place when the business needs special requirements: overload from specific services, legacy code, or for a particular niche.

CMS development covers almost all needs of projects, if you wouldn’t create enterprise and allows speeding up the process nearly twice, and provide the simplest structure, especially for front-end stage. The independent part of the custom or CMS development process – the contractor, which can save you time and resources.

How to find (Tinder) the contractor:

– 1. The Preference should be given to those guys who offer standard solutions, the usual solution from the list of standards.
Such a contractor will provide you with a solution based on their experience, research, and tips from previous projects and will save you time.

– 2. The attention shouldn’t be given on those guys who already advise the custom development for your task/request/project/ in 90% of cases. They need to close the “bench” in their team. ( bench – guys who have no task in the company)

– 3. The Necessary moment is to check the reviews in open sources to understand in what way this teamwork, and how comfortable and productive was the cooperation on previous projects.

CMS is the best decision when you would like to create: a simple site, such as a business card site, corporate website, online store. In general, everything that doesn’t require sophisticated content management and integration with other services.

1. A large number of contractors who could work with standard systems.
2. The easy change of contractor, if necessary.
3. Easy integration with almost all services ( third-parties and local ones).
4. Fast development process – because 90% of the code is written, and you only need to customize the 10%.

1. CMS doesn’t cover part of complex needs on the level of content management and integration with complex CRM systems.
2. CMS has a vulnerability, for example, in the cases of closed platforms with vital information inside.

When you need custom development:
1. On the SaaS projects, where the project has complex business decisions, logistics management, or the base of several thousand products, etc.
2. Security is the main criteria, and the development process should cover it.

💪 Custom Web Development
1. Extensive integration with everything that the business need.
2. There are no restrictions in the form of features implementation.
3. The scaling a project for heavy loads following business requirements.

👎 Custom Web Development
1. A large amount of time for the development stage.
2. The need for a massive amount of resources for project support.
3. You become attached to the development team and technology that you choose.

If your business isn’t complicated, and you would like to have the availability of your business on the internet, the website wouldn’t work with heavy loads (up to 1000 people per day), or this is the MVP or “First-time website” – we highly recommend the ready-made solutions.

If you need unique solutions, your website will have heavy workloads (more than 1000 unique users per day). The complex integration with services will be the indispensable part – the right choice is custom development. As a recommendation from our side, we could advise that you should always keep in mind that the right contractor is key to the quality implementation of your business tasks. Before you start a project, you need to devote enough time and attention to this.