Expert Tips from Digital Marketing Agencies in the Middle East


The Middle East is a hotspot for tech development and modern marketing. With fresh perspectives and high-value consulting opportunities, there’s plenty to learn from experts in this area.

If you’re looking to streamline your digital marketing efforts and learn from the best, take these expert tips from digital marketing agencies in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East.

Invest in a Streamlined UX

There’s no benefit to having a beautiful website if the user experience (UX) is lackluster. When building or revitalizing your website, invest in a user experience design. Work with a designer who takes a layman’s approach to discussing your needs, leaving jargon and complex wording off the table.

A streamlined UX prioritizes simplicity in design. Putting a focus on building engagement without adding complexity in the pursuit of being different is the best way to improve UX. Remember to design a website that suits the user’s preferences— not the business’s.

Automation is the Future

Simple, repetitive tasks should always be automated. When human resources are engaged in tasks that could be automated, businesses are limiting their ability to dedicate time to high-value, revenue-generating activities.

According to the experts, some everyday marketing tasks worth automating include social media posting and email marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to improve conversions is to use automated email marketing for winbacks, cart and browse abandonment, and customer review and feedback campaigns.

Make Incremental SEO Changes

SEO is a long-term lead and traffic generation strategy. For businesses just diving into their digital marketing activity, taking an incremental approach to SEO is best for sustainable results.

One of the key takeaways from leading digital marketing agencies in the Middle East is using analytics. Using a tool to track errors, linkbacks, and overall site performance is the key to creating a winning SEO strategy and handling the big rocks first.

Capture Leads to Convert

If you’re letting people come to your website without attempting to capture an email address, you’re leaving money on the table. While generating leads and increasing web traffic is a core digital marketing task, capturing those leads is essential for conversions.

Most people who come to your site won’t make a purchase during the first visit. It’s up to you to build a rapport and develop brand trust to encourage them to part with their money. Finding the right approach to capturing leads will depend on your core business, but it’s a task everyone should be doing.

Don’t Aimlessly Post to Social Media

Many North American businesses have been so ingrained with the importance of posting to social media, that they do it without a strategy. Frequency and consistency matter, but they aren’t everything. If your business has been posting for the sake of posting, stop. Instead, use that time to adjust your strategy.

Take time to look at your social landscape and evaluate your competitors. Profile your audience and explore your opportunities. When you’ve finished this vital research, devise a strategy that outlines what content you should be creating, curating, and posting. Skipping to the posting phase without the underlying work is a mistake.

Track Your User Flow

On-site user behavior is an under-utilized resource that can provide plenty of useful information. Unfortunately, many businesses neglect this data when updating their website or troubleshooting bottlenecks in the sales pipeline. Knowing when your customers leave your site or where they spend the most time can help you cater to them and improve your conversions.

Take time to track your user flow, giving careful attention to sales pages. This task should be clearly outlined during website design projects as a key performance metric when evaluating the changes made.

Using these expert industry tips from digital marketing agencies in the Middle East will give you a competitive edge in your business.