Top 8 Web Design Tips by Dublin Web Design Agency


An outdated and unappealing website will not help your business. It may put a negative impression on clients. Moreover, a bad design can deter customers from your brand. You may miss some essential leads because your competitors can grab this opportunity.

With the help of web design, you can impress your audience. A good website design proves helpful to increase leads for your business. For your convincing, some exciting web design Dublin tips are available.

1. Speed of the Site Must be Your Priority
Speed is an essential aspect of website design. It influences your website’s element, from user satisfaction to bounce rate, revenue, and conversions.

A slow site can decrease your revenue and increase the bounce rate. Remember, search engines pay attention to the speed of your site; therefore, invest in making your website fast.

2. Essential Factors of a Website
To hook visitors with your website, you have to focus on essential factors. Make sure to prioritize relevant content.

It is significant to explain the vital aspects and objectives of your website. Highlight its benefits, use power words, and explain everything briefly.

3. Focus on CTA
You have to include CTA (call to action) on your website to increase the chances of conversion. Keep in mind that your CTA must be visible and apparent.

The content of your website is incomplete without media, such as audio, videos, and images. It will help you to highlight important points and increase the engagement of visitors.

4. Provide Best Choices to Visitors
If you want to increase the engagement of customers, make sure to offer logical choices to them. You can boost your conversions by confining the options for users. Here are some prominent examples:

– Decrease the menu items
– Restrict form fields
– Pay attention to call to action
– Feel free to display buttons of active social media pages
– Stick to a goal for each page

Several methods are available to decrease the chances of an overwhelming situation for visitors. Try to move users toward important choices as per their interest.

5. Keep Website Simple
Avoid using a busy theme for your website and choose a minimalist approach. Users will not like visual clutter. A complicated web design can increase the bounce rate of your site. Here are some ideas to make your website simple but attractive.

6. Redesign the Sidebar
Several websites use a single-column design for the sidebar. It can decrease distractions and increase the focus of visitors on web content. You can consider subheadings in the sidebar to give more options to users.

7. Standard Layouts
People prefer familiarity and stay away from non-standard designs. Hence, it may be useful to stick with standard design layouts. No doubt, there are different methods to stand out with a simple layout.

8. Avoid Merry-go-rounds
Remember, website owners prefer merry-go-rounds. It is a requested feature from the client, but these things are useless. Moreover, accordions and tabs may not offer any benefit.

People may not pay attention to these elements. People prefer scrolling on clicking, so avoid spreading information on different pages.