How Does a Local SEO Service Work and What Does It Do?


46 percent of all Google searches are local.

For almost 50% of users of the largest search engine, getting a local solution to a need they have is paramount. That means you need to position your business using local SEO to tap into this traffic.

Here’s a brief look at what local SEO service is and how such a provider can help your business grow.

What Is a Local SEO Service?

A local search engine optimization service is a firm that offers local SEO-focused efforts for your business.

So, what is local SEO?

– Understanding Local SEO
Local SEO is a strategy you can use as a business to enhance your visibility in local online search results.

Why should this matter to your business?

According to statistics, 50 percent of people who ran a local online visited a physical store within 24 hours after the search.

When you aggregate the number of people in your area who run such searches annually, you’ll realize it adds up to significant traffic.

Local SEO allows you to position your business in front of such users at the right time.

How Local SEO Works

When you hire a local SEO company, there’s a variety of tactics they will handle on your behalf to grow your business. That’s because local SEO’s a collection of several elements that in total impact your rankings.

These tactics will include:

– 1. Researching Keywords
Keywords are the words or phrases customers use when they run a local search on the internet to look for services or products.

Keywords reflect the customer’s content, and when you figure them out, you better understand what customers need.

A local SEO firm will conduct in-depth keyword research in your niche to help you zero in on your target customer’s needs.

Once you are aware of these keywords, you can use them in your SEO strategy to surface in the results when a customer runs a search with that phrase or word.

– 2. Content Development
In large part, the success of your SEO depends on high-quality content.

The whole point behind SEO is to serve users with a solution they need when they need it. That’s what draws them in and gains you organic traffic.

Therefore, you can see how, without quality and well-optimized content, your SEO won’t deliver significant results.

An SEO service provider will help you figure out the content that resonates with your local audience and optimize it for relevant keywords and other running factors.

– 3. Proper Link Building
Links from and to high-quality sites signal to search engine algorithms that your website is relevant.

Due to this fact, a critical service that a local SEO firm will deliver for you is deploying a high-quality local link building strategy.

Additionally, such a provider can help you keep a close eye on spammy local links for you to disavow them and avoid penalties quickly.

Reach out to More Local Customers

A significant number of your potential customers start their purchase decision online with most of their search being local. You must put your firm on a position where your content resonates with local customers to deliver the right solution when they most need it. Take time to understand how to leverage the power a local SEO service holds in helping you be more visible locally.

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