Migrate Magento Products to Shopify


Determining which electronic commerce platform is the most efficient for working with a virtual store is very important, this will allow the entrepreneur to have a greater chance of success in the business. Find out how simple magento migration is in this article.

There is a huge amount of platforms dedicated to this electronic commerce, having wonderful functionalities and characteristics, these two are the most popular, obtaining an absolute domain in the virtual market of sales.

Here we indicate you the advantages that have the transfer of products from Magento to shopify having a profitable business and adapted to the current needs. It is however advisable to only work with the best Shopify developers when migrating and customizing your website.

What is Magento?

It is a content management system with which you can make a virtual shop from scratch without having any programming knowledge or any kind of development to make a web page.

This powerful CMS is widely used worldwide, achieving different types of stores in which we can sell products managing invoices, customers, all emails, configure different payment methods, sent, everything you want in this simple platform.

The significant thing of Magento is that you can make it without an additional cost of a programmer or developer, doing it in a very simple and easy way

Magento Pro

– Flexibility
– Large community that prefers it
– Open Source
– Free of charge
– Numerous features
– Extension to Magento 2 version

Differences between Shopify vs Magento

Shopify is more commercial, since it is paid, while Magento is free software
Although Magento has a paid version, it is developed for large companies

– May be more favorable for beginners, due to having an intuitive and simple internal

Why migrate from Magento to Shopify?

This platform allows you to easily migrate from Magento commerce, and to do so in a natural way and with a greater scope.

Learn about the main reasons for migrating to Shopify from Magento

– Better stability
– Greater scalability
– Lack of agility
– Maximum security
– Maintenance cost
– Integral generator
– Diversity of payment options
– One hundred times clearer and more precise
– The API is much better documented, being easier to work with.

Advantages of using Shopify vs Magento

Greater ease of use
It is a feature that pleases the user, having better results without having many complications.
Every CMS takes advantage of the available resources, having a greater excellence, based on its simplicity. You only have to register, choose a template and modify the products.

It has a better customization. Since Magento in this aspect presents a more limited capacity, having to know about working in HTML AND CSS, instead with Shopify it is done with greater simplicity by the availability of several theme stores, only with drag and drop you can make quick changes.

Technical elements
A more robust platform that can be used all at once.

With Shopify you have a greater choice of applications, between free and paid.

Other advantages:

These are the benefits of using a platform compared to a page developed from scratch

– It has the ability to add and hide the various sections
– It has a test server
– It offers greater security; you can guarantee that you have a platform that is armored.
– Diversity of designs
– Bloggin
– Integrated tools
– Very complete functionalities
– Hosting’s included

The biggest advantage that Shopify has is that with Magento you need a developer who knows the platform, which makes it an additional cost for you to get the right developer.

With Shopify this is not necessary, anyone can easily use it, the problems that arise can be solved easily.

Choosing Shopify allows you to increase your sales by having an easy to use and navigable platform.