Making Money as a Graphic Designer


Do you have the skills as a graphic designer but work in another job? Perhaps switching careers might do you more good in terms of money made and how much enjoyment you get out of work.

Even if you have not had an opportunity to gain real working experience, there is still a lot that you can do with the graphic design skills. The tips below ought to be a good reference for those who are looking to make money as a graphic designer.

Tip #1 – Edit and Sell Photos

Editing photos is not something that a lot of professional photographers are keen on doing themselves. You can get a part-time job by becoming an assistant who would be in charge of editing photos.

Letstalkaboutmoney website has a great article on how to sell photos online by picking the right platform. In case you and your photographer friend decide to go out there and snap pictures and sell them later on the internet, remember that you will still need to edit them.

The job might be monotonous, but it is still a good way to make money and gain even more experience that can be used later for a more complicated job.

Tip #2 – Start a Print on Demand Store

A print on demand store does not have to be a one-person operation. If you have the design skills, it is likely that you will not be of much use with marketing and other business-related aspects. Therefore, hiring a partner for a POD ecommerce project is recommended.

As for the store itself, there is a high demand for custom-made merchandise these days. People love to express their beliefs by wearing something. T-shirts, hoodies, key chains, bags, and phone cases will sell. You can also look to expand later with something like mugs and calendars.

The uniqueness of design is going to be one of the main selling points. You need to offer people something that they would like to have. Of course, marketing on social media and search engine optimization will also be integral parts of the overall success.

Developing a print on demand business takes time, effort, and other resources. But all that hard work pays off when you see money coming your way. And remember that even if things are slow at first, you need to be more patient and continue working.

Tip #3 – Look for Freelance Gigs

There are all kinds of freelance gigs on platforms like Fiverr and UpWork. The biggest challenge is going up against the competition. Other designers who have had a head start will find it easier to get accepted thanks to positive reviews on their profile.

One of the tricks to get the attention of the person offering the gig is by submitting the lowest amount of everyone who is bidding. Having a portfolio with some of your previous work will also help a lot.

You will find that people are looking for book cover designers thanks to the opportunities provided by self-publishing. Infographics and visuals for blogs and social media also are in high demand.

Trying to bid on every single project is more or less a waste of time. You need to focus on those offers that cater to your strengths. When starting, the most important thing is to get some reviews that will build a good reputation on your profile. Positive feedback will increase the odds of getting more work on the platform later.

Tip #4 – Write a Blog

A blog can be a lot of fun and another source that lets you thrive as a creative content creator. You also have an advantage over other bloggers, thanks to the skills to create attractive visuals.
Blog posts that are nothing but text are not doing that well today. Visual aids like infographics are becoming more popular, but not every blogger is capable of designing these themselves.

Blog monetization depends on what you prefer. Some like to run ads or include affiliate links in the articles. Others straight up create a separate page for donations or register on Patreon.

Tip #5 – Create Courses

Creating tutorials and selling courses on the internet is another method of making money as a graphic designer. Sites like Skillshare and Udemy allow content creators to sell their material.
A lot of people are looking to learn new skills or improve what they already know. Creating online courses could be a great method to make money as a graphic designer if you have valuable knowledge that could prove to be useful to others.


As you see, there is money to be made as a graphic designer so long as you have the willingness to learn and try new things. It all comes down to picking the right idea and not giving up if things are not working out at first. And remember that you can always move on to the next idea if what you are working on right now is not going that well.