6 Ways To Start Your Graphic Designer Journey Successfully


Starting a new carrier is a really exciting point in every person’s life. It doesn’t matter if you are becoming your own boss or just got hired by someone, you are just about to start something totally new. Make sure you do it well.

This is always a very first and the most common question people ask themselves: “What do I need to know in order to become a graphic designer?”

Well, it is always good to start from the basics, like image optimization guide.
Reading guides and tutorials can help you understand the full process of creating a graphic design. Except for the basic knowledge, there are other key factors you should consider.

Below we pointed 6 helpful tips you should follow in order to become a successful graphic designer.

Study the Market

It’s a base for a graphic designer job to understand the market. It can significantly help you to perform good service to the customers and allow you to distinguish yourself from the competition. Studying the market will definitely broaden your knowledge, make it easier to come up with better designing solutions and let you understand the mistakes you make. If you want to succeed, you have got to be updated.

Look for a Potential Client

One of the most important steps in becoming a graphic designer is determining the target market. After that, you can easily develop your business plan and marketing strategy. Having a clear picture of the target market will also help you with self-development. There are always some essential skills that are needed in the specific industry, so you have to be ready to learn new stuff. Always make sure you feel comfortable with such a market and you can communicate with it well. Finding your audience is the key to starting a graphic designer journey.

Follow a Design Process

Working as a graphic designer will never be only “my, myself and I” job. You have to focus on the brief you get from the client and make sure you understand it well. It’s totally ok to ask questions and suggest other ideas. The point is for you to understand what your customer is looking for. Then you can start with the design. Remember to stay original. It is actually quite easy to copy someone’s work without even knowing it.

Practice makes Perfect

If you wanna be good at the graphic design, you have got to work hard. There is no way around. The more projects you make, the more experience you gain. You should start with the theory and the tools you will be using. Then go to something simple, like re-design of the already existing logo, or a project of an invitation. Then get yourself something more difficult till you get to the point when you are totally able to handle your own project.

Build up a Portfolio

It doesn’t matter if you apply for a job in a corporation or you wanna become a freelance designer, you should always be able to present your skills well. In this case, you should start by creating a minimum viable freelance portfolio which shows what you can do to satisfy the customer and highlights your best work. Your portfolio should speak for you, try to be detailed in every piece in order to encourage visitors to hire you.

Always Stay Motivated

It always sounds so obvious but often appears to be really problematic. In fact, you cannot start a well-prospering career without a strong commitment. Your self-motivation is a driving force of your work. You need to make sure you are passionate enough to invest your time, and money and keep developing yourself every day. Remember, a graphic designer job is based on creativity. If you cut your motivation off, your ability to work will weak.

The Bottom Line

Graphic design demands you to know your stronger and weaker sights in order to help you work faster. Always stay focused and listen to your customer. Researching your client’s industry will allow understand the vision and make great projects. Build an online presence and promote yourself in the digital marketing world. Always keep an eye on the market, especially the one you target in. Last but not least, do it all with passion! Putting a piece of heart in every project can give you amazing results.