Web Design Tips: Tailoring Your Website To Your Business


Web design plays a crucial role in business success — 75% of consumers judge the trustworthiness and credibility of a business on its website design, a recent report by Stanford University reveals. Moreover, effective web design should involve accurately tailoring the specific design of your site to your unique business. That means important design elements like branding, color, and images should be carefully chosen to engage and convert your target market.

Prioritize Branding

Branding builds trust with customers and boosts sales — it showcases your personality, sets you apart from competition, and drives brand recognition. Law firms, for example, should highlight their logo on their homepage to strengthen brand recognition among potential clients online and offline. Make the URL the law firm’s name rather than something generic like bostonpersonalinjurylawer.com; Sweeney Merrigan use their law firm name as the domain name while clearly including their location and specializations on the homepage. Alternatively, ecommerce businesses should focus on engaging consumers with sharp messaging paired with products. Avoid overwhelming customers with too much information by honing in on key details and translating them into a story that includes a clear call to action for the customer.

Choose The Right Colors

Color plays a big role in the purchase decisions of 60% of consumers. So, it’s important to use colors on your website that convey the right impression of your business to customers. For example, blue is a great color to incorporate in lawyer web design. It’s a strong color that conveys professionalism, authority, and trust. It also has calming effects, so clients can rest assured they’re in good hands with your firm. Alternatively, red is a bold, fun color that boosts appetite. It therefore suits food and beverage companies (think: Coca-Cola and McDonalds). Use a contrasting secondary color to highlight important parts (like CTA’s) to make it easier for customers to act.

Use Images

Effective images capture attention and increase the length of time visitor’s spend on your site, therefore increasing the chances of converting them into customers. However, not every image will suit the unique message each business is trying to convey. Think about the emotions you want to elicit in potential customers with your images. People primarily make decisions based on emotion and engage reason and logic afterwards. In particular, using pictures of your employees is a great way to build immediate trust with visitors and works well for law firms and healthcare practices. Alternatively, if you sell children’s products, for example, using photos of children will make a positive emotional connection with potential customers. Ultimately, your images should align with your target customer and support the messaging on your site.

Good web design is essential for attracting new customers or clients and boosting sales. Working to tailor aspects of your website design, such as branding, color, and images, to your unique business is essential for success. These tips will help you create an impressive, user-friendly website that generates the results you deserve.