5 Best Web Scraping Tools to Extract Data


These days, with a broad variety of web scraping tools on the market, you might feel confused when you have to choose one of the. The web scraper that works best for you depends on your needs. Here are some highly recommended web scraping tools for you. Some of them are free of charge while some have trial periods and premium plans. Read carefully all the following information before making your decision.


ParseHub is a free, reliable and powerful web scraping tool. It is built to crawl single and multiple websites using JS, AJAX, sessions, cookies and redirects. With Parsehub, it is easy for you to fetch data from any websites as you don’t need to code. You just need to open your target website and start clicking on the data you want to extract. The tool helps you to collect and store data on servers automatically. Its simple AIP allows users to integrate their extracted data anywhere.

Parsehub uses a multitude of proxies while crawling the website, so the IP address is always rotating.


Octoparse is a modern visual web scraping software. It is a perfect choice for those who want to fetch data from a website without coding. Thanks to the point-and-click interface, users will face no difficulty working with it. Octoparse imitates human activities such as browsing a website, logging into the account and so forth. It could fetch data from almost every site, even though it is dynamic with AJAX or JS.

The free version of Octoparse enables users to extract nearly every website. It would turn web pages into a structured spreadsheet within a few clicks.


Diffbot is a very efficient data extraction tool that leverages the web to allow individuals and businesses to get any information they need. It can be employed in a wide range of segments such as marketing, business intelligence, sales as well as recruitment. It provides APIs to extract and understand objects using Al, computer vision to extract data from a website. With Diffbot, users do not need to do any manual data extraction or Internet research anymore as the data can be saved to the file or database automatically.

Though the price of Diffbot services is quite high, its quality is really outstanding.


WINTR is also a powerful tool for your scraping. It is a web scraping and parsing service whose APIs allows companies and developers to turn any webpage into a custom dataset. It offers many services such as data scraping, data parsing, requests proxying and request customization. By making use of WINTR saved requested, you will not need to modify the code of your app if your target website changes its structure in the future.  

It is a comprehensive tool to help your web scraping become as easy pie. You could try its free version with 500 API credits offered.


Mozenda is a helpful data extraction tool which obviates the need to write scripts or employ developers. It enables midsize software and IT companies to automate website data extraction from any sources. This tool allows enterprise customers to run web scrapers on their robust cloud platform.

Data can be scraped from formats including Excel, Word and PDF. It is very fast at obtaining the results as the “bot”  of Mozenda crawls the page rapidly and precisely collect data. It’s also famous for its multi-tasking.

The price of Mozenda is relatively expensive, above $250 and the pricing is per month.