E-commerce Portal Development Company


E-commerce portal development company is an intermediary between business and client. Online services firms sell through websites. The brand reputation and profitability depend on how well these platforms work. Therefore, before ordering b2c portal development, it is imperative to study the capabilities of an IT company.

What is an e-commerce portal?

An ordinary site is not enough to sell products or services on the Internet. The platform should include effective web design, simple code for fast downloads, and a marketing strategy. Brand awareness plays the same important role as an intuitive interface. Modern users are not ready to wait for a page to load longer than 3-4 seconds. In conditions of a massive flow of visitors, the site should work smoothly.

The project for business also includes various algorithms for electronic order processing. The more payment methods are implemented on the site, the better. The ability to pay for an order with a credit card, e-wallet, PayPal, or cryptocurrency adds rating points to the company.

Mangosoft Approach

The company has vast experience in developing commercial projects for various purposes. An integrated approach to solving problems ensures active sales growth. The adaptive layout allows you to use the site from any device. Thanks to easy navigation, users do not need to switch from page to page. You can find information about the product and order it in one place. The one-click purchase function binds a payment form to the catalog. An unlimited number of positions and categories of the store allows you to create massive projects with many suppliers and sellers.

The list of web application development services includes:

– B2B e-commerce sites
The primary role in these projects is search engine marketing. Listing in top online directories will be a new impetus for any business.

– Web development
Using an adaptive layout allows you to reach the target audience as much as possible. Strong encryption protocols provide secure data exchange and online payment.

– Web design
Improved user experience leads the business among the competitors. Lightweight and fast sites are a must. Convenience and functionality should come first. But a spectacular author’s design in tune with the brand will make your site unique.

– Payment Gateway Integration
Already existing sites can be supplemented by an online payment function. This is not only a direct order of goods and services. You can also integrate the subscription algorithm for electronic materials, access to a premium account, and so on.

– M-Commerce Usability
To further simplify the life of users, integrate a QR code, and geolocation on the site. NFC systems and the provision of online coupons will also increase user loyalty.

Ecommerce portal development tools

At Mangosoft, highly skilled programmers work in all common areas of IT. Specialists take into account the specifics of the customer’s business. After evaluating the goals, scope, and focus, the team, together with the client, makes a decision. The work uses such CMS as:

– Shopify, WordPress – for small projects.
– Magento, BigCommerce – for medium-sized enterprises.
– Drupal – for products requiring enhanced security.

For large corporations, experts recommend paying attention to the frameworks Laravel, Django. If you need to pay more attention to security, Spring is a great choice.


Any severe project must begin with a business analysis and development of a marketing strategy. Even if the software is already functioning successfully, it can be improved and optimized. If you do not know where to start or if you need a consultation, fill out the form on the Mangosoft website. After talking with a specialist, you will know where to go next.