Web Builder Software to Launch a Perfect Website in 2020


For the past decade and a half, there have been free web builder software available that are designed to create forgettable, bland webpages. That is of course unless you’re willing to fork over a good chunk of money to open up the tools that will breathe life into the page.

Very few web builder software are a complete package from the get-go, and even fewer are attractive and memorable. When you’re looking for free website creating software, you’ll want to be able to use all the tools necessary to get your page made, looking good, and will be more favorable in the eyes of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

To narrow the search even further, you’ll want a program that is simple to use without having to have any knowledge of code. You’ll want a program designed to be operated by someone who doesn’t have previous coding knowledge, or prior webpage making experience.

There is a web builder software for beginners that doesn’t require previous experience to use it, yields professional results, is SEO friendly, and is a complete package as a free version. Its name is Mobirise.

Mobirise Web Builder Software

– No Coding Necessary
Mobirise Website Maker is easy for the beginner to use, without having to know any code. What you see as you’re building your new page, is what you’ll get—no coding mysteries. However, if you’re familiar with code, there is an option to modify the page in Html if desired.

– Free to Download & Use
From start to finish, Mobirise is completely free of charge. You’re given all of the tools necessary to get your site looking sharp through a large selection of blocks and a handful of templates to choose from.

There is a premium package available that opens up a new world of over 70 templates to choose from, hundreds of different blocks, apps, etc., which is where Mobirise makes its money. But their customers go premium because they’re already happy with the product- not because they have to in order to make a great site.

– Work Offline
You can use Mobirise offline, making any adjustments you’d like on the fly. When it’s convenient, you can upload your changes whenever you get back online.

– Bootstrap & Amp Technology
Mobirise is built upon Bootstrap Technology, which makes every site you create resizable. This mobile-first tech allows your website to function smoothly on any device of all shapes and sizes.

Google Amp is also incorporated in the software, which allows for faster page loading onto mobile devices. Amp is also a factor that the large search engines use to look upon your site more favorably SEO wise.

– Useful Extensions
There are several extensions available through Mobirise- from maps to slideshows. Popups, shopping carts, and forms are great for business-based sites. Social media extensions will also get your fans connected with your content.

– Drag and Drop Construction
These sites are designed by a series of blocks that you drag and drop on to your page. If you choose to remove a section, it’s just as simple to do so with this build type. To date, this is the most natural build type for the beginner, as everyone on a computer is familiar with drag and drop.

How to Use Mobirise

– 1. Head to the Mobirise site, and select which system you’d like to download (choose between PC or Mac).
– 2. Follow the download and installation prompts and instructions.
– 3. Open the Mobirise program, and click to start a new page.
– 4. Go through the selection of blocks to the right side of your screen; drag the blocks into the workspace.

– 5. Replace placeholder text and pictures with your media and information.
– 6. You can tweak the parameters of each block by selecting the block you’d like to modify, clicking “parameters” to the right of the screen, and change what you’d like through the selections given.
– 7. When you think you’ve got your page all set, hit the preview button to see what it’ll look like through different devices.
– 8. When you’re comfortable with your site, you can then hit the “Publish” button to upload the page to the host of your choice.


Mobirise has done all of the hard work for you, so you can just throw your site together, plug in your information, and get it in front of the people to start building your audience.

The best part about free and safe software is that you can try it risk-free with nothing to lose.

Mobirise is a web builder software that will proves itself to be among the best out there. So, save some time and stop searching, and download your free copy now!