How To Enhance Your Business Website With Videos


Internet users today are becoming even more digitally advanced than ever. There’s no denying the fact that websites are popping up here and there and more and more people are making use also of the Internet. With an increasing population, this is a medium for businesses never to miss out on, especially when you wish to improve your competitiveness. Then, when you already have a business website, your efforts shouldn’t just stop there. Now you’ve also got to focus and dig deeper into what inclusions are a part of your business website that’ll improve its efficiency.

Of the many types of content that you can include in your business website, one of those that have proven to be very useful has to do with videos. This is a popular type of content that’ll make the site engaging and attractive to viewers.

While creating video content may seem like an intimidating thing to do, it’s doable once you get the hang of it. Like any skill, it’ll only take the right guidance and practice for anyone to master. If you’re interested to learn more, keep reading. Here, you’ll get insights on how to enhance your business website through the use of videos.

1. Use It To Deliver A Compelling Message

One of the most effective ways for businesses to deliver a compelling message is to post it through video form. First of all, Internet users are more drawn to visuals. There’s a higher tendency for them to finish watching your video, rather than having to keep reading through a long stream of text. But, for starters, keep your videos at an average length only of two minutes.

As more and more Internet users today are browsing from their smartphones, videos are also a sneaky way to gain their attention. Even when they’re in a rush, it’s easier for them to get the gist of your message, rather than having to read through it.

That said, here are other tips on how to deliver a compelling message through video:

– Start with the end in mind. By this, it means that you should always remember the goal that you have in mind for putting up the video.

– Keep the background simple. You’ll want the background of your videos to be clean and clear of any distractions. Else, your viewers are only going to feel confused. You won’t be able to let your message across.

– Take note also of the lighting. When you’re just beginning or if you’d like to save some costs in your business, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to invest right there and then in expensive lighting gear. Just remember to shoot videos always in good lighting. Have as much natural light as possible.

2. Tag Your Videos

As you can tag images through hashtags, you can use the same for videos as well. In fact, before you post the video, there may even be available settings for automatic tags that you’d like to incorporate. With these tags, your videos will land on the global compilation of the tags that you enabled for your video.

For instance, you tagged your videos under “marketing,” “parenting,” “diapers,” “baby,” “baby care,” as your business is under that industry. Then, you’re posting a video about particular diapers that you’re trying to market. Through tagging your video, now you’re making it appear on this category list globally.

With tags, you’re keeping people interested on your videos and you’re also encouraging more views. In the process of doing so, you’re driving more audience to your business website.

3. Use Videos To Bond With Your Viewers

When you’re posting videos, you’ll also want to add a little pinch of personality to your business website. You wouldn’t want it to seem as if you’re a robot or an organization that doesn’t care at all for your viewers. After all, you’d want your viewers and visitors to feel that indeed, behind the website is a business that is managed and run by human beings.

In this regard, it also helps to use the videos to bond with your viewers. For instance, you may want to host live question and answer sessions with your viewers. If you don’t want to go live, you can post a forum for them to post their concerns, and through videos, from time to time, address these concerns.

As you do so, you may want to feature different team members of your business, too. This gives your audience a chance to get to know deeper about your company and the people behind it. People are more encouraged to buy from people they’ve got a sense of knowing about. This helps your audience create a strong bond, not just with your website, but with your brand as a whole.

4. Be Authentic

When you browse through the Internet, naturally, there are millions of videos available online. For instance, if you search for something about cities, naturally you’ll find millions of city stock footage online. You wouldn’t want to be just a copy of another video that’s already made its popularity online, more so for videos of companies that are in the same niche as yours. At all times, you should also strive to post authentic videos. By this, it means that the videos are unique only to your business.

You owe it to your audience to make them feel like you’re a reliable source of information, products, and services. When you’re authentic, it’s also easier for your target audience to remember the existence of your brand.

Along this line, here are tips for you to bear in mind:

– Always have a marketing strategy that’s well planned and well thought of
– Understand the core purpose of your business for creating a video
– Show and tell a compelling story
– Don’t memorize and be too scripted
– Include a call-to-action


Video content is one of the leading tools in the digital world. Without a doubt, it has also proven to be a very effective form of marketing. It captures the attention of your audience and keeps their attention with you. As you post more video content, all the more that your website visitors will also look forward to regularly checking up on your website. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind, and soon enough, you’ll see your business website working even more effectively to your advantage.