Instagram vs YouTube. Which is Best for Bloggers?


Instagram and YouTube, both are at the helm of the industry with over two billion active users on the platforms combined. Not only have both of these platforms managed to get the attention of billions of people but also tons of prominent brands, who are ready to jump on the cyber wagon. These visual platforms help in increasing visibility, gain new customers and generate traffic. As a blogger, you will have to choose your style that will ultimately help you choose your platform. If you are having a hard time choosing which platform you want to explore, read on to find which is the best for bloggers? Instagram vs YouTube. Whatever platform you select, you can always take help from social media marketing companies like BuyTrueFollowers to boost your popularity.


If you are confident about producing quality video contents, there is no other platform that is better suited for you than YouTube. It has received cult status in the industry. Visualising your blogs can be a great idea to generate further viewers and traffic toward your website. With over a billion monthly users, you are sure to get tons of views. Niches like travel, cooking, gaming, technology etc have a huge base on YouTube with extremely large engagement rates. Tutorials are also hugely popular on YouTube and is a great way of generating some traffic. On the flip side, if you are not confident with your video editing prowess, it would be wise to stick with some basic videos until you can master it. Overall YouTube is a fantastic option to promote your website with the help of videos and earn regular income from YouTube videos.


Are you a legend behind the lens? Or are more of a photography nerd? Well, Instagram can be a great choice for you. This photo-focused platform has garnered a lot of users in its meagre years of existence. The nature of the platform appeals to both brands and users alike. Beautiful images are a great tool for intriguing your audience. The platform has grown a lot over the years and has come up with unique and awesome tools that can help you immensely. Features like stories, highlights, live broadcasts can add a lot of character to your profile. This will help you in gaining more followers and consequently more traffic for your blogs. Instagram allows for the building of relationships on a more personal level.

A quick comparison:

– Content: While YouTube is primarily intended for videos, you can also add videos on Instagram though videos are of much shorter length on Instagram. The stories on Instagram expires after 24 hours while it takes 7 days for YouTube stories to expire although you will need 10,000+ subscribers to post stories on YouTube.

– Video Features: Videos on Instagram are 60 seconds long while you can add up to 12 hours of video on YouTube.

– Best suited for: Instagram is a great platform if your contents are visual while YouTube is best for tutorials, unboxings, reviews etc.

It all boils down to your choice on what platform you choose to go with. In conclusion, go with Instagram if your contents are best explained with pictures and short videos. If you require detailed videos showcasing features and steps, YouTube will be more beneficial for you.