6 Unmissable Techniques To Get Massive Likes On Instagram


Favorites, hearts, double taps or likes, whatever you may want to call it, are like the currency of Instagram and the most important factor in terms of gaining popularity. Likes are a driving force for retail brands, influencers, and users who put out great content frequently.

In this guide, we are going to talk about several ways to skyrocket your Instagram engagement by getting massive likes.

However, the unfortunate scenario is that it is not as simple as putting out great content and getting the deserved engagement. With swift changes in the Instagram algorithm, it is getting difficult day by day to get IG likes.

So, keep moving forward to read out the 6 unmissable techniques housed together to get massive likes on IG:

Tag Influential Accounts

If you are maintaining an influential account and posting niche-based stuff, the good way to get massive likes is to tag influential IG accounts as the secret lies in the photo itself, not in the caption.

In this way, not only do your posts get appreciated and noticed, those photos show up on users’ feeds more often. This is a simple and handy way to reach the influential people of the industry to score likes on IG. Get featured in their feeds under the ‘tagged’ section’ by implying this strategy.

Post Photos of Users, Giveaway Winners, and Customers (If Any)
Posting photos of your star users, customers and giveaway winners is an interactive way to score likes. The more genuine your profile is, the better. It is always a good idea to interact intimately with the people who are the reason behind your IG fame.

Uploading your giveaway winners’ photos means more likes, followers, and engagement. Moreover, tagging other people in such posts would increase the likelihood of getting likes.

‘Tag A Friend’ Posts

Posting content related to your profile’s theme, industry, niche, brand, product and above all, your users’ interest is one of the best ways to increase engagement and likes at the same time.

The matter of the subject can be anything- such as memes, funny videos, product videos. For example, if you are a food blogger, you can post a picture of an enormous chocolate cone with a caption, ‘tag a friend who would like this’.

This does not only spread awareness about your content but people love such kinds of organic posts.

Post Quotes

Thinking to post differently every day is a hard nut to crack. However, one of the most engaging captions has quotes and that’s the secret of scoring like as well! Coincidence? I think not! But you can spice things up a little and post quotes with clear background.

Not only are they easy to read but attention-grabbing. Moreover, it is easy to do your research. All you have to do is Google them and your work here is done!

Upload User-Generated Content

One of the perks of active social media presence is getting access to user-generated posts. Your IG fans would likely be creating content related to your profile.

Instead of appreciating, liking and commenting on user-generated content, take some time out to repost those photos and give them the credit they deserve. Not only is this way engaging but provides an opportunity for your fans to get featured on your profile.

Buying Organic IG Likes

Here is where the concept of organic reach jumps in. Organic likes are the number of people who engage in your content genuinely. Whereas, fake likes are the ones generated by scripts and bots. Not only do they mess with IG algorithm but also make your work, content and profile questionable.

It is pretty easy to detect if you have bought fake views on IG. If the number of likes on every post is the same, there is a high chance that the user has fake views all over his profile.

But there are many online platforms, such as Instagrowing that provide genuine and organic likes. If you think you need a jumpstart to get organic reach on IG, now is the right time to get paid organic IG likes.

Overall Thoughts

The possibilities of how to get massive IG likes are endless. You just have to choose ways that are worth it. To watch your profile skyrocket engagement, these 6 techniques are your way to go.