Best WordPress Hosting Services On a Budget


The WP Engine vs BlueHost debate rages on as developers try to find the perfect web host. However, the reality is that there is no perfect web hosting service. It depends on your needs, and to some extent, tastes and preferences. That’s because even in terms of budget, WP Engine and BlueHost differ marginally. To help you choose, here is a comparison of the two, one that can help you choose.

1. Comparison on staging

When it comes to staging, both are decent. However, on this front, you might find the WP engine to be a little more convenient. It has a much better interface and also contains development and production environments. These features make it much more attractive to web developers, both amateur and professional.

2. Comparison on Online presence

While WP Engine is good, BlueHost takes the prize on this one. BlueHost offers an inclusive package with email and other cpanel functionalities. As an admin, you will find it easy to use. WP Engine is mostly favorable if you have an email ready, and are dealing with managed hosting solutions. Essentially, each of them is good, and the choice depends on what you want to do.

3. Comparison on data backup

Data backup and restoration are of utmost importance in web development and hosting. On this front, both BlueHost and WP Engine are good but WP Engine has an edge. Its edge comes from the fact that it includes an on-demand snapshot backup feature. This means that at no time can you lose critical data. However, this doesn’t mean that BlueHost is weak. It only differs from WP Engine in the sense that with BlueHost, you need to buy a CodeGuard for you to take on-demand snapshots for backup.

4. Comparison on customer service

Customer service is essential when it comes to web hosting. Both BlueHost and WP Engine offer amazing customer service, but WP Engine is the winner. They have highly responsive support, and even go an extra step to ensure that the client is satisfied. That’s not saying that BlueHost support is unresponsive, it just doesn’t match that of WP Engine.

5. Comparison on prices

As mentioned earlier, the difference in prices between the two is negligible. WP Engine prices range between $22.50 and $217.50 a month. On the other hand, BlueHost charges between $24.99 and $169.99 a month. However, in real terms, BlueHost is cheaper because it offers higher limits on monthly visits and storage as well. Other than that, the other services are pretty similar with minor differences here and there. For instance, in terms of extra services, WP Engine offers CDN, Evercache technology, and SSL. On its part, BlueHost offers Sitelock content, Site backup, among others. For their charges, both also offer decent space with BlueHost having an edge on the blogger and professional levels. However, at the enterprise level, WP Engine offers customized storage, while BlueHost offers up to 240 GB of space.

Using the above metrics, you should be in a position to choose which one suits you best between WP Engine and BlueHost.