Is Process of Design Almost Like Writing an Essay?


It is rather interesting how people can sometimes not see how two things or two processes might be so similar in terms of their structure. That is, their outcome and final purpose can be explicitly different, but the very chronology of their completion may be almost the same. Even if you have nothing to do with design, if you are a student, you have surely written at least a couple of essays in your life. So, in this article, we shall talk about design like essay, trying to define the pivotal similarities between the two processes.

It All Starts with an Idea

Whenever designers or writers start working on their new project, the first thing they do is brainstorming for ideas. Writers start wondering what to write about, and designers ponder over the fascinating styles, tones, and looks for their product. It cannot be rejected that these two professions are based on the combination of unique skills and creative thinking.

They Appreciate the Experience

Regardless of what others might say, but writers and designers always base their current work on the attainments of the greatest names of their industry from the past. No, it does not mean that they copy their works, but it is rather a hint that when writing, for example, a PhD essay or designing a new apartment, both writers and designers have to get some inspiration from a particular source. Writers might sometimes look for free essay examples online as reading them might help them get a grasp of what an essay with a decent structure and content looks like. Especially, if you are a beginner or a student who struggles with writing proper essays, finding the right source of inspiration and guidance might be exactly what the doctor ordered for you.

Thesis Statement is Needed

Yes, you’ve got everything right! You may not believe it, but designers are also found in need for including thesis statements into their works. Regardless of whether it an interior or an online article design, there must constantly be present one specific element or the general tone of the design that will help people understand what the project is all about. Meanwhile, a writer is also supposed to take proper care of his or her writing design. Therefore, there are always those special elements that help the creators – writers and designers – relay their messages in a more efficient manner.

There Are Hard Decisions to Make

One of the worst situations that a writer can encounter is having a lot of ideas and a limited page space. There are a lot of essays examples online that might seem perfect to the readers, and they actually are from any point of view. They are rightly formatted, structured, all the sources are properly cited, and the content is on point. However, as you read them, hundreds and thousands of ideas emerge in your head based on what you have just read. That is, you start thinking that it might have been a great idea to finish the paragraph C with a sentence A. Still, this is what essay examples are for – they have to show you how good some folks are at writing and inspire to either embark on writing by yourself or ask those professionals to show you how it’s done.

Well, talking about design and designers, things are almost the same. Every designer often looks at his or her accomplished project and sees instantly what could have been done better or what the other designer has missed on. Still, it must be constantly remembered that design and writing are creative processes, and there are no boundaries to put them in.


It seems to be crystal clear that the process of design and the process of writing an essay are almost identical. It always starts with an idea and then requires a solid message to be delivered to the audience. As a writer, so a designer, they always base their work on the inspiration that they get from the greatest minds of their respective industries. Of course, those are creative processes, and they can never be repeated; otherwise, the whole essence of creativeness would be lost. Still, everything people do has something in common, and the best-case scenario is when their actions are aimed at creating something beautiful.