Types of Camping


When we say camping, we usually mean nature, a tent, a cozy fire, and some roasted marshmallows. Still, camping can mean a lot of things, and there are many types of it! Camping can include so many activities, and be for different reasons!

Backyard Camping
It could seem funny at first, but if you have young children, a tent, and a small fire in your backyard can be an adventure on its own. In this way, you could prepare for a real trip in the future, and you can use this opportunity to squeeze in some quality time with your loved ones!

Adventure Camping
Going to a standard campground is the most usual way that people camp. Adventure camps are for those who want to test their limits, and they will require a lot more experience and some cool camping gadgets that will come useful. Typically, these trips will include hiking, climbing, or even races with the participants. Separate day and night activities and planned timed routes! If you want some action, this is the type for you!

Backcountry Camping
Similar to the previous type but a bit slower, this is also for those adventurers. Just you, your partner, a tent, and the great outdoors. For this, it is critical that you plan ahead and that you have enough skills to make it in the wilderness. In this case you will probably go to a national park and pick out a more remote location where you will camp. Gear up and plan ahead!

Historical Camping
One more interesting way to relive history is to camp like people in the old days, or a specific time that you and your camper pals will choose. In this case, maybe you won’t have fancy gadgets, maybe you will have to forage and hunt or fish your own food! This type is mostly pursued by those who really want to get a direct insight how things were before, and how life was like before. A very interesting way of spending time in nature! This one can be closely related to survivalist camping where one only has himself and his hands to overcome the wilderness.

Front country Camping
The most standard way of camping, where you will go to a designated campground where you will have check in stations, number camping spots, electricity and even showers and restrooms. This type is for those who want to have a more relaxed experience but, still want to spend quality time in nature. Park Rangers and staff that could help you will also be present! This is also where people come with their cars or RV’s.

A very interesting and new trend that is a kind of luxurious camping! The name comes for mashing up the words “glamour’s” and “camping”. It is for those who do not want to sacrifice any luxury and it will involve a campfire and a sleeping tent on yachts, villas or a tree house. Definitely a type for those with a deeper pocket prices for glamping can go into the thousands!

In summary, there are so many variants on this activity and we only scratched the surface of it. From bicycle to canoes to winter or summer camping, there are a lot of options to choose from! So, we hope that we inspired you and that you will perhaps try a bit different way of camping!