Astounding Website Designing Tips for Online Business Growth


Thousands of new websites keep getting added to the web every day. And many of them are likely to be your competitors’ websites. As the web continues to grow at a staggering pace, standing out from the crowd can be the biggest challenge for your online business. You can hire the services of a Website Designing Company in India to make your website stand out. However, the knowledge of some innovative web design concepts can make a huge difference.

It is recommended to have your agency include these web design concepts and tips in your web designing strategy to help your business grow.

1. Build a Reasonable Visual Hierarchy

When designing your site, it is important to create a reasonable visual hierarchy. Consider your website to be similar to a newspaper’s front page. A newspaper’s front page has many elements that are well defined. The same should be the case with your website. These elements include the following:

– The paper’s name
– The primary headline
– The sub-headline
– The main article
– Pictures
– More articles
– Contact information

These elements should similarly be clear on your site. It is possible to use a combination of font size and type, weight, and color to make different information stand out from each other.

When your Website Designing Company in India creates a rational visual hierarchy, it becomes clear to your visitors what they should look at and in what hierarchy. It is a visual hierarchy that makes a visitor’s eyes follow a path or order on each page. A good design guides your visitors visually to the next step or call-to-action (CTA).

2. Parallax Scrolling

Users have become so used to the concept of swiping to find and consume information that clicking on a button can seem to be a big effort to them. The fact is that users have become lazy to make any effort in their digital experience. This is where parallax scrolling can simplify your web design.
When you implement parallax design, it helps create the following opportunities for your website:

– Draws viewers with page animation and depth
– Follows a story-telling approach to take visitors through your site
– Directs visitors to calls to action
– Increases time spent on page by encouraging visitors to scroll through the entire page
– Reinforces site credibility through innovative interactive viewing

It also provokes user curiosity. The popularity of parallax scrolling has increased significantly. It is the driving force behind the creation of single-page web designs, rendering information that is less necessary, and deeper scrolling. It makes it simpler for visitors to prioritize content. This further increases the chances that they will see more of the desired information.

3. Create Longer Pages

Another important web design principle that should help you grow your website and business is to create longer pages. Ask your Website Designing Company in India to create longer webpages. Such pages convert better.

– Longer pages give you all the space required to provide detailed information on your products, services or offerings.
– Such pages also allow you to answer more questions and share more research and case studies to convince your visitors.
– Create conversion-focused webpages that answer maximum possible questions.
– Provide a clear understanding of what to expect even after buying from you.

When your visitors plan to buy from you, they would want to know things in detail. Provide as much information on your pages, but make sure to follow the hierarchy principle as well.

4. Create Video Landing Page

When it comes to web designing for business growth, creativity can go a long way. Ask your Website Designing Company in India to consider the options of a video landing page.

According to statistics, 78% of online users watch videos every week. Video has also become the most consumed content type. A video landing page can be an innovative way to transform your website’s design. At the same time, it is important not to overdo it.

– Make sure to include a direct call to action in your video
– You can create and add an immersive video that auto-plays on your site’s homepage
– It can help provide valuable information, drive your brand’s identity, and improve the user experience and brand impression

According to a research study involving entrepreneurs and professionals in the B2B and B2C domain, it was found that 69% of all web traffic will be generated by video. The same study also claims that 70% of the participants said that video content is a better converter compared to other contents.

5. Use Animated CTAs

CTAs are a must-have part of all web designs. This is important because you must tell your visitors what they are supposed to do. And this has to be done repetitively.

At the same time, keep in mind that your visitors are getting all kinds of instructions when they spend time online. So, a CTA on your site can seem to them to be just another instruction. So it is important to give your visitors something additional to stand out and drive results.

This is where the right Website Designing Company in India can help make a difference. You can add animation to your CTAs. It can be something simple to catch their attention or create a micro-mini interaction.

Keep in mind that consumers are highly likely to do if a CTA grabs their attention, is unique, and provides confirmation of completion.

There are a number of other web design concepts that need to be implemented to help your website grow. Create custom typography, using shapes, faces, and color as visual cues, and leveraging the growing power and capabilities of AI. While you follow all these concepts, make sure that keeping navigation simple, quick, and intuitive is extremely important.