7 Web Design Aspects for Better Traffic Conversion


Making good website that bring in a lot of traffic that converts starts from the design. No matter how good your content, how attractive your offers, and how high the quality of your products, they won’t sell if your site is awful to look at. Likewise, gaining traffic would be quite the challenge without good website design, so it would be best to put some effort into this several design aspects.

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On the matter of what these web design aspects are supposed to be, you can refer to these 11 crucial examples that you can start with.

Keep It Simple

These days, the simpler the design of the website, the better it is for all kinds of purposes. However, simple does not mean empty or lazy. You basically need to convey the most amount of information with the least amount of frills. This means a plain background with very few unnecessary media, menus, or images that could would only clutter the page.

High-Quality, Significant Photos

If you are going to use photos, need to be of the highest quality and they need to be significant to what it is meant to accompany. For the homepage of a flower shop, for example, it’s only a given that there would be images of flowers. However, the picture itself needs to be crisp, shot beautifully, and it also need to be about flowers that the shop has to see.

If there are no cactus flowers or orchids available for purchase, there must be no photos of those on the site.

Visual Appeal

Visual aesthetics is very important when designing a website because it influences just how much traffic you are going to get, which you can actually convert. Now, it was already said that you need to keep your site’s design simple. However, you need to do so in an attractive way. This means taking such things as colors, balance, and typography into consideration.

When you are able to blend colors seamlessly in a way that won’t jar the mind and in shifting tones that make sense, then you are good to go. This will help you sell your products and services faster. If you want people to buy views on youtube to get more followers and views, this is how you get them to do it.

Conformity Before Artistic Revolution

It’s understandable for web owners to want to stand out by having unique websites. However, it would be better to let your contents and offers do that instead of the web design itself if you are just starting out. Users have gotten used to a certain way that websites should look and if you try to radically change that, it could lead to a lot of abandonments.

Be Consistent

As you build your website with its different web pages, you need to make sure that the design elements will actually be consistent. You can’t just have one color palette in the homepage and go completely the other direction in the blog or something. This would only cause your visitors to feel confused.

Logical Flow

Your website’s design must conform with how users typically read. This means that putting all the menus, prompts, and banners, from left to right, and top to bottom.

Working Properly

Finally, every single part of your site must work, from navigation to prompts. If even one thing about your site is faulty, this could signal incompetence on your part for the visitors and you don’t want that.