How Does the quality of Photos Affect E-Commerce Sales?


Every day more and more E-Commerce stores are appearing on the Internet, where a variety of products are sold. But do they really sell?

If you have already become the “happy owner” of an online store to sell anything, then you probably noticed that buying a domain, creating a simple site and adding to its page articles of goods is not limited to the case. Those who are only thinking about their own business in the network, will probably face this situation: the site is, the product is, but there is no sales. So shall we do?

Show the product attractively – post quality photos

It is difficult to disagree with the fact that the impression of a visitor in the first place creates a picture of the goods. Photography creates emotions in the visitor. Looking at the image, he or she is the first moment to decide: to stay here or go to another site in search of a more interesting option. And if you were not attractive enough for potential buyer at that moment, you may think that the budget to attract him was wasted.

Why Product Photography Is Important? Photography is one of the few tools that is able in some cases to double or triple the sales volume and significantly increase the conversion rate.

High-quality photos of goods for the online store instantly make the visitor understand your serious approach to the issue and care about his comfort when choosing products. So you increase the loyalty of visitors, which will certainly affect the growth of your sales, because users will not forget to thank you for your care.

According to research by 3M Corporation

83% of human decisions are based on visual information. Visualization is something that will be more likely to be remembered and trusted. Visual is perceived 60,000 times faster than text!

And in the context of the above it is quite strange to see small unreadable photos or their complete absence on the pages of individual online stores. I want to ask a question to the owners of sites: Gentlemen, how in general are you going to sell? Will you order customers to make a choice by describing the product? Probably will not open a big secret, if I say that often people do not know what is called the thing they need, they somewhere saw a picture of the product and looking for exactly the same, guided by the picture. And the lack of these in the product card dramatically reduces your chances of selling to zero.

In addition, people often share beautiful pictures with friends in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest). Don’t you need free advertising on your customers’ news feed?

Obvious benefits

Let’s list the benefits that the owner of an online store receives by placing quality visual content on your site.

Using high quality photos, you get:

– Keeping potential customers on the site;
– Increasing the time of finding users on the pages of your E-Commerce;
– Increase the probability of returning to the site;
– Formation of loyalty of both regular and potential customers;
– Increasing the average check;
– Decrease in the number of returns;
– Increase in conversion and profit.