Top Website Design Trends in 2020


Technology continues to change now and then. Every aspect of design and technology is getting a new face and definition from time to time. It is all in the effort of remaining competitive and relevant to today’s changing needs. Today, website designing continues to change just like is the case with other fields of the internet and technology. Growing trends in web design continue to place a demand on website owners to make the necessary changes in order to remain relevant to their online audience!

Change is constant in every field and we cannot avoid it. Even though it doesn’t happen overnight, it is important to be aware of what is happening in the world of web design to benefit from the changes. In 2020, web design continues to take a whole different direction although building upon what already has been its backbone over the years. Here are top website design trends in 2020:

1. Contextual Technology and Artificial Intelligence
AI is now creating impact in website design and it is among the top trends in this field. This comes in what is commonly known as artificial design intelligence that automates various web design aspects. All this should also be fed into contextual technology to create a more human-friendly environment.

2. Data Collection from Users
Data is increasingly becoming important for website designers and 2020 will be the year when this feedback and data will be utilized greatly to refine designs. Designers will continue to leverage this data to make better web designs!

3. Voice
Websites are now including voice technology as an important feature that will enhance user experience. This has largely been promoted through the availability of technology such as smart speakers. Such technologies as Alexa and Siri place a demand on websites to go that direction in their design.

4. Augmented Reality Technology Use
This is the year when AR will have a breakthrough in its use for web design. This is, particularly in e-commerce. Creating virtual reality and reality mix, for instance, making it possible for users to virtually try some clothing before purchasing it will be more enhanced than in the past!

5. More Pronounced User Focus
The design of every website centers on the audience and while this has been the practice over the years, users should expect a better experience in 2020. This has always been and will be the biggest trend year-in-year-out! It is all in providing what the user is looking for!

6. 3D Modelling and Rendering
Even though this may not be new, its use is expected to be more advanced in 2020 than it has been in the past. All the barriers that might have prevented their use are getting lowered by the day and get into the mainstream.

7. Minimalist Design and White Space
Ultimate sophistication through simplicity has become a reality in web design. Experts in this field are advocating for a move towards a simplistic, stripped-back strategy. It is expected that simple and minimalist designs will be common in the near future. This is particularly in the use of white space that doesn’t distract visitors.

8. Website Accessibility to All
Every website owner wants to maximize their reach and the trend nowadays is to even get to the audience with disabilities. It may not be an enticing thing but it is thought an important inclusion in web design. It is a concept where websites will be welcoming to all.

9. Creating Micro-interactions
Delighting the audience is going to get more real through micro-interactions created within web designs in 2020 and beyond. These interactions create human feel sites that enhance user experience as well. Seeing an upload go from 0 – 100% might be a small thing but will ultimately delight the user.

10. A shift from the Flat Design
Following many years of criticism from some developers, the flat design may be getting dethroned from the top as a dominant web design style. There is an inclination towards other attractive and simplified aspects that will give users perspective to their action. As these emerge, the user will finally interact with the website as planned.

Final Thoughts

Modern-day websites are much better than those that existed two decades ago. In 2020, these growing trends will bring out a much-enhanced experience to online users!