How Mobile Learning Technology Is Reshaping The Education Industry


With the rapid evolution in technology, mobile learning is increasingly becoming the norm of eLearning. Regardless of the age of the learner, it has invaded the eLearning space. Mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets are transforming the way we learn and think about learning.

Mobile devices have been instrumental in transforming traditional lecture-based classroom teaching into technology-enabled learning. Whether it is about collaborative eLearning environment or performance support, mobile learning covers them all. In this post, we discover some of the significant benefits of mobile learning technology and understand why it is increasingly becoming accepted by the masses.

Easy Accessibility

Nowadays, most of the people expect quick and easy access to the information they require. Fulfilling this requirement, mobile learning delivers the kind of content they can engage irrespective of the time and location.

We all can use portable smart devices both at home or in the classroom. Learning content can be developed in stimulating formats, using similar techniques and navigation as digital platforms, including social media. Moreover, students can keep track of their studies through automated updates using mobile apps. They can also use it to check on assignments and their progress on various learning activities.

Replacement For Textbooks

Most of the textbooks do not include relevant information. With the rapid transformations in technology, the expectation to instant and updated information has also risen, and most of us are now accustomed to it. Unlike mobile devices, textbooks cannot provide with the latest information.
With the advent of digital textbooks that can be kept on mobile devices, students can keep themselves more organized, and they can access the study material more efficiently. Most of the digital textbooks are continuously updated and are often more helpful, creative, and cheaper as compared to traditional heavy books.

Performance Support

Learners must create a learning habit that yields a higher quality of performance. This can be obtained if learners can engage themselves in learning activities at their own convenience without hampering their daily routine. Keeping this in practice also facilitates easy access to information while at work, which is considered one of the significant advantages of mobile learning education. Learners can enhance their overall learning experience when they can find and retrieve just-in-time information easily using mobile devices.

Hands-on Learning

The traditional way of learning involved concepts/topics conveyed in an abstract way using textbooks; however, mobile technology delivers an engaging and interactive learning process. Education is getting personalized with technologies like Interactive and Digital Paper, Augmented Reality Google Glass, and Animated Learning through various applications. Teachers in leading educational institutions walk their students through problem-solving and elaborate a new concept/topic using tablets for effective two-way interaction between teachers and students.

Tablets are enabling students to access engaging and interactive lessons, and it eliminates the requirement for students to read a lesson from a textbook. Such technology-driven trends are significantly changing the way students learn these days.

Real-Time Feedback

Unlike the traditional method of learning where students used to leave their work and attend classrooms to give tests and wait for the teachers to assess and grade their examinations, students, today expect feedback in real-time. Various studies have shown that the performance of the students improve significantly when immediate feedback is given. The significant advantage of providing real-time feedback is that the students can immediately apply the feedback on the learned lessons.

Final Thoughts

With the rapid transformations in technology, mobile learning has gradually transformed the way education is imparted. In today’s world, the influence of mobile technology is expected to grow continuously. Leveraging this, new and exciting ways of delivering engaging content have become possible, which was never-expected in the traditional method of learning.