Why Every Business Needs Professional Photos


“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

A ubiquitous saying, especially in this modern age of acceptance. But as nice as the sentiment is, how many truly abide by it, live by it even? After all, we grow up learning that appearance does have intrinsic value, connecting images with adjectives like ‘good’ and ‘bad’, even before we understand what these labels mean. And while this practice may be detrimental when applied to human beings, the act of judging a product by its packaging can prove to be both smart and telling for the consumer. While the internet removes the need for physical packaging, image – digital packaging – is still incredibly important. “The quality of a website’s image can be influenced by even the smallest detail. However, one of the largest, most noticeable ways to upgrade your business’ digital packaging is through the use of professional photography” says Brandon Foster, lead editor of ShutterTalk.com

Though an extra cost that may seem extravagant or unnecessary, professional photos not only signal to clients a high level of passion for one’s work as well as professionalism, but facilitate the process of bringing in more interested customers. The benefits of using professional photography are immeasurable and priceless, both able to enliven your business’ image and stretch your influence to more customers than before.

How professional photographs can forge good relationships with clients and help your business expand

– 1. Broadcasting professionalism
You might be the most qualified in your field. Perhaps you’ve graduated top of your class, or have glowing recommendations from well-known companies. Does that matter? Of course it does. But laurels don’t translate well through a screen, especially at first glance. Therefore, the most compelling component, the one that can either draw in or expel customers, is the visual. While the inclusion of the visual element itself is important, the quality of the visual speaks volumes about the professionalism of the business. Taking your own photos may seem more economical, but the difference between self produced and professionally produced images can impact how customers view the business’ competence. Thus, using professional photography on your website can help express to clients your own professionalism in a more memorable way.

– 2. Showcasing level of passion
Professional photographs take time, effort and cost. While many business owners would agree that time and effort are key factors in the success of a business, less may feel that spending money for something seemingly as simple as photographs would be an unwise financial choice. However, pictures don’t just symbolize the work of a business; they also express to patients the passion one has for their business. After all, spending extra money for such an essential detail that is often overlooked by other businesses is noticed, and appreciated, by clients as a sign that you truly care about the way in which your work is displayed and show attention to detail.

– 3. Building levels of trust
When interested clients visit your website, they will want to gather information that will show your business’ level of skill and trustworthiness. While reviews can answer their more specific questions, photographs allow customers to see something tangible, whether it be portraits of workers or pictures of products- which can create a human connection that they will be more trustworthy of. Furthermore, these photographs, if staged and taken professionally, will best show off your skill in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to customers, which will reflect your level of commitment.

– 4. Facilitating outreach
While professional photography can give a website a professional and trustworthy look, it can also be used as a method of bringing in a larger number of clients. Unique and professional pictures, which can only be provided by professional photography businesses, allow your business to be found much easier by those who need your service. If your business uses social media, you can reach out to a large number of people simply by using a popular hashtag. Visuals are incredibly important in this step, as outreach can only be successful if viewers are inclined to purchase or use your service- which more frequently happens if the picture is eye catching. Thus, again, the use of professional design and skill are necessary in order to expand your reach online.

Although it is unfortunate that we often judge a book by its cover, this behavior is a fact of reality that cannot be ignored. Customers looking for a particular service will, ultimately, make a large part of their decision based upon the website’s aesthetic, especially on the quality of the visual aspects. Digital packaging is incredibly important to the success of a business in the era of the internet, since both its presence and quality can dictate whether or not a client trusts your work, or even finds it. In terms of marketing your business services or products in the most profitable way, professional photography is extremely valuable and is not an element to be overlooked.