Using Professional Software to Take your Insurance Agency to the Next Level


Many insurance agencies are opting to adopt AMS or agency management systems, some for the very first time. This can prove to be a very daunting task not knowing where to begin, what sorts of questions should you be asking, and what things should you want to have included with the new system. These are all very pertinent and critical concerns that need to be satisfied in your search.

AMS is specifically built to serve as the central hub for the business data. When the system is turned on, there should be access to everything that is necessary to begin business for the day, fulfil all commitments throughout the day, and continue your progress until the close of the day. The software needs to be the right-arm of the business and this is why it is imperative which one is chosen. This system is going to be responsible to keep the daily duties in line and automated allowing for everything to be accomplished flawlessly. Things that need to be taken into consideration:

– Goals need to be identified.
– Needs should be identified.
– Vendors need to be researched.
– Decision will need to be made.
– Implement the change.

Choosing An Agency Management System

When opting for a new insurance agency software solution, the goal is understood to be that the current one is not sustaining the business as it should be.  After coming to realize this, the needs and wants for the new AMS system need to be determined.

– Needs. These would be the features that are integral for the everyday operation of the business. They can include critical aspects such as bank-quality encryption, commission processes, marketing via email. These things are what will drive you to make the switch over.

– Wants. The wants are things that would be nice to have added to the system in order to make each day easier and in turn much more efficient, e.g. integration of business analytics, remote access, commission revenue projection.

Types of Systems

There are two types of software that are available in the AMS medium including CRM or Customer Relationship Management software and AMS or Agency Management System.

– CRM is a basic management system aiding businesses  in contact organization.  They offer capabilities that are robust, however generic which means intense customization in order to meet the needs for your industry not to mention an extensive amount of time and money in order to make sure everything is done adequately and that it operates the way you need it to for your business.

– AMS is also a CRM but on fire. An AMS can be obtained to fit a specific insurance niche such as life and casualty.  This system allows for the entire office solution enabling the central business process and team that is involved in operating a modern insurance agency.

Searching For An AMS

You should make a list of questions related to what you see as pertinent to the operation of your business and do extensive research of the vendors who are in the AMS market. Find out about 1) additional costs that may be hidden fees added to the actual overall cost of the software, 2) who owns the data-you want to remain the sole owner of your data, 3) How is the security-particularly the level of encryption along with protection in the instance of a disaster and who is hosting if it is a cloud-based system.

When you do the research, always find out who is currently using the AMS and what their views are. Read the online testimonials and get references, obtain the company history and details, look at the social media and online presence. It’s not possible to do too much homework when it comes to getting the right system for the company.


The decision is the absolute most difficult part of the entire process. Not being able to make a decision only means that it’s not the right time. If you’ve done all of the steps and believe that you’ve found the right system, see if it’s possible to have a trial run in the business to see if it fits with your day-to-day and your staff. A lot of vendors will allow this.

Implementing a new insurance agency management system takes getting used to, but once the newness wears off and the benefits of modern technology take over, it will be worth it.