Morning Routines That Improve Creativity & Focus


Your ability to create during the day will almost always be best in the morning. This is the time of day when you should be feeling refreshed and your energy levels will start moving towards its daily peak. It also the time of day when distractions have not started interrupting the flow of your day.

If everything stated above is true, does it not make sense your have the ability to create a morning routine that will enhance your creativity and focus over the rest of the day? If you agree that’s possible, you will get a lot from the following suggestions, which are things you should consider including in your morning routine to start the day of creativity off right.

Awakening Refreshed

If you have any reasonable expectation of awakening alert and ready for action, it has to be preceded by a reasonably good night of sleep. If fact, it’s fair to say that leading a healthy lifestyle plays a big part in optimizing someone’s ability to function at the highest levels. If you want to awaken ready to create, you should strongly consider developing good health practices and good sleeping habits.

Make the Morning Me Time

Your mornings should belong to you. It’s your time to prepare yourself for the rigors of the day. What you don’t want to do is allow people or things to interfere with your me time. That means keeping yourself away from unnecessary social media interactions, turning off your sell phone and finding an environment that’s conducive to allowing yourself time to concentrate, contemplate and plan your day.

Develop Your Game Plan

Before you head out into the day to start creating and working, you should have a game plan in hand. If it’s in written form, that’s the best option. Your game plan should layout your goals for the day, any meetings you need to attend, any responsibilities you need to address and when you are going to set aside time to relax and recharge your brain.

As part of your planning routine, it might be useful to do relaxation exercises through meditation and/or yoga. If you start the day off feeling relaxed, you’ll be better able brush off stress, which should help optimize your ability to create.

Get Some Exercise

To this point, your routine involves mental processes. You also want an opportunity to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving. You don’t need a full-blown exercise program everyday. What would be sufficient is perhaps a 20 minute walk, jog or bike ride. If you keep your exercise low impact, you can also use the time to start the creative juices flowing.

Follow Your Script

If you planned your day, you will benefit by following your plan. A checklist is a great tool for helping you stay on track. Why is it important to stay on track? You have set aside time to create, and you don’t want anything to interfere with that precious time.

Regardless of what you believe, morning routines are good things. By establishing personal guidelines to direct your actions, you give yourself a great opportunity to achieve all the things you expect to achieve during your day. That includes making sure you get time to do the fun stuff.