Restaurants in the Clouds: 5 Ways How Cloud-Tech is Reshaping the Restaurant Industry


In 2020, more and more restaurant owners and managers are using one particular tech to change the way they do business. To streamline their operations, modernize point-of-sale and manage costs more efficiently. The name of this technology is… Cloud-based technology. A tech both convenient and secure. In this article, we’ll discuss it in deeper detail and how it can help your restaurant business.

Diners in the Clouds
However, traditional and classy restaurants might be, not a single one of them could not benefit from the right restaurant management cloud technology. It streamlines the whole operation, from the kitchen to the table serving. It eliminates waste and tweaks menu profitability with real data. Solutions like Cloudscape Technologies even modernize point-of-sale through cloud-based POS and iPad POS. You can even add online reservations, shift tracking, accounting, and much more. Everything connects perfectly with any POS and inventory management used.

Smartphones in the Clouds
More often than not, restaurant managers are stuck with technology that does nothing to make their 80 to 90 hour week more effective and less worrisome. They are forced to manage restaurants from Stone Age desktops that sit a back office. Not a way to go. Desktops were created for people that sit all day long. A restaurant owner, on the other hand, is always in motion, pacing the restaurant floor and talking with customers. With mobile restaurant software, managers are able to run the show with a smartphone in their pocket, while making the employees become part of the system. No longer will they have to bug managers for shift swaps or send them on calling spree when they get sick and can’t work.

Manufactures in the clouds

In the current F&B industry, many key players are the result of companies coming together via acquisitions and mergers. Hence, most of them are spread out across numerous facilities, each of which relies on various equipment. Cloud tech is vital for F&B corporations with structures like these since it enables them to consolidate these numerous locations into a single enterprise cloud platform. In other words, they have the ability to oversee the complete infrastructure: from digital systems to any piece of equipment. Cloud computing isn’t only for huge F&B manufacturers; it can also help smaller producers. Through cloud computing, such organizations can harness the power of advanced IT service without the need to allocate money and time toward setting up their own in-house infrastructure.

Kitchens in the Clouds
A cloud kitchen is a restaurant that concentrates solely on takeaways. One without any dine-in facilities. You can look at it as a food factory. There, only food production occurs. The orders are placed and received only online. The food is then sent to the customer through a courier service. The value of a cloud kitchen lies in its ability to lower operational costs. The rising cost of real estate is severely impacting the bottom line of restaurants. Not to mention that, with both spouses working, families don’t have the time as before to go to restaurants. The cloud kitchen model enables the restaurant owners to bypass expensive real estate expenses and concentrate more on the food.

Only those who follow the newest tech trends will have the ability to stay competitive and turn the odds in their favour. The future is here. Will you follow?