How to Take Pictures of Clothes Without a Mannequin in 2020


It is the best way to shop on eCommerce websites for regular products. Many people make business online. It helps to buy or sell products without redundancies. The product photos are the key part of the eCommerce website. As the items you use are attractive and informative, you profit from them. It is important for sellers and customers to take quality photos of items such as clothing.

In general, these two strategies for taking clothes picture for online shops are conventional:

– Flat Lay Photography
– Ghost Mannequin Effect

There are not so many variations between these two processes. Using the first approach, more time, energy, instruments and a little more money are required. The primary tool of ghost photography is a doll or plastic doll. The clothing should be put on the doll and shot.

You don’t have to spend more money to organize things. The Ghost Mannequin photography technique can be used by established business people or website owners. You can do ghost mannequin technique by yourself but it would be time-consuming. Ghost mannequin technique can be not only time but also a money-saving approach if you consider outsourcing. You will have tons of options to select from different clipping path service provider but the real challenge will be finding an authentic one. This blog, however, is about how to shoot clothes without a pattern.

Flat Lay Photography for Clothing Business

A flat lay is a visual type of imaginative apparel. This photograph is nowadays increasingly popular. It is wonderful to be simple to take photos of yourself through this approach. You don’t have to take pictures outside. You don’t even have to go to post for photos for any model.

Except for flat lay photography, there is no easiest way to clothing photography at home. In the shortest time, you can capture as much as you can. The main advantage is the ability to stylize and imagine clothing. You don’t need any special hand or any professional product photography lighting to do flat lay photography. See how to make a flat clothes photograph.

The Basic Idea

Photography of the flat lay is also known as tabletops. You must put your camera in front of your garment in this way. Everything should be the same with lighting, diffusers, delicate boxes, etc. Then hang up the dress to start your job with a stick or a hanger.

You may place the tissue on the table in traditional flat clothing photography. The next step is to form the outline of the dress. Sticks, tape, clasps and so on can be used. Stretch the object around the base of the arm and use soft tissue paper for clearer, deeper and finer images.

You should use the hanger if you do not have a gallery, but want to take clothing photographs. This is the cheaper way that no second person will need. Your smartphone or DSLR is all you need. Trending smartphones have a significant power to capture high-quality photos.

You can take a trendy shirt, a t-shirt, pull pictures, etc. It’s a better way than traditional models to take elegant pictures. Models are hard to deal with as they have scheduling problems.

How to Capture images of clothes without mannequin?

It is necessary to properly shoot the pictures in a flat process. Probably these are ways to dress up your DSLR:

– Holding the lines clear is the first thing that makes flat photography normal. Then speak about symmetry on both sides of the bottom of the fabric. Maintain space between sidebars.

– If you are a newbie photographer, you have a chance to do things. The key sections of the grid lines can be added to create a structure of 3 – 3.

– Make sure you put the cloth in the middle or hang directly on the camera. To get a perfect photo alignment is very necessary.

– The neckline should be at the right level.

– You will send the images natural form to clothing for both male and female. Keep it straight if it’s of a man’s cloth. You must keep the balance in positioning the fabric in the right shape for women’s clothes.

– The back of the tissue should be the same as the front. It helps to provide complete product details.
Then the flap flies under the cover.

– Do not forget to light your images perfectly.

Tips on Taking Pictures without Mannequin

In this technique, all you need to capture your clothing product by wearing it on a mannequin and photoshop experts will remove the doll which will give a 3D effect to your product photo. Ghost mannequin is also known as neck joint technique. Here are a few tips to finish the process:

– The narration should be your pictures. Be willing to capture the needs of customers.

– It is best to choose the color palate. Colorful, brown, or white and black images can be captured.

– It is also important to design everything in front of the camera. For better images, you should put one color backdrop.

– In this way, you can take pictures of a bird. After all, in order to receive your salary, your clothes have to look attractive.

– The last task you should like is photo editing. Professional picture editors improve fabric photo elegance, lighting, concentration, color, etc.

– Don’t waste room in the picture by putting unnecessary things in the pictures on the field.


For this new image capture method, life has become trouble-free. Photography without models is simple to do. You don’t need to take all the hassle of coping up with model’s tantrum. It is very attractive and beneficial to your business. With these two techniques, you will be able to capture all your clothing images more effectively. You can contact Tradexcel Graphics (TGL) a professional clipping path service provider, for any type of product photo editing including ghost mannequin service.