A Look at Sticker Uses in Business


Odds are that you’ve had flyers and business cards printed in bulk. Yet you are probably overlooking a similarly effective form of marketing: stickers. Let’s look at some of the uses of stickers in business. We’ll also provide advice on how to use stickers to amplify your marketing efforts.

Surpass the Bumper Sticker

Bumper stickers have been in and out of fashion. The problems with bumper stickers include the commitment and the space it takes up. Few people are so impressed with a brand they’ll replace their political bumper sticker with yours. However, sticker printing that creates smaller durable stickers offers a much more versatile option. They could put the sticker on the bumper, the doors of the car or in the window. These stickers could be put elsewhere, too, like laptop cases, phone cases, binders and other items people carry around on a regular basis. Note that you can use these same stickers to liven up flyers or promote your next event.

Connect the Online World to the Offline

We’ve mentioned how stickers can share brand recognition. Don’t forget to include your website or domain name on the sticker. Now anyone who sees the sticker will learn about your URL. More importantly, anyone taking pictures of the person’s car, backpack or laptop will automatically share the business website address as long as it is readable in the photo. Share the stickers as freebies, and you’ll automatically share your links. This link building strategy won’t trip up search engines, but it will result in more organic visits to your website.

Remember that you can coordinate social media marketing campaigns with sticker giveaways and other company swag. For example, offer discounts or incentives to those who take a picture of themselves in your T-shirt or with your branded sticker on their gear after associating it with a given hashtag.

Give Them Away

Stickers have a number of benefits over other types of freebies. They’re much cheaper than branded shirts, and people can wear them along with their clothing. You can integrate the sticker with a business use such as name tags and give them away at public events or business gatherings. You’ll attract people by giving away useful stickers such as de facto name tags. You can mail stickers to loyal fans for a fraction of the cost of any other freebie.

Promote Particular Items

Stickers can be used to further promote products and events. For example, “discounted” or “sale” stickers will create a sense of urgency and increase sales of specific items. Yet you don’t have to put up massive signs or alter the packaging itself. You can augment flyers for sales and events by adding specific information such as “this weekend only” or “extra 20 percent off”. Now you don’t have to reprint flyers to add information to them. However, you don’t want to use too many stickers on the flyer. It is literally and figuratively tacky.

You can also use stickers containing certain promotional descriptions to draw attention to specific items. Identify items that are locally made, hand-made, all-natural or support some cause. You don’t have to put identifiers on every item in the store or try to repackage it. You’re just providing supplemental information that may increase overall sales.