Questions To Ask a Wedding Photographer


Finally, you are tying the knot. You want to walk down that aisle in style. You aren’t going to spend those cold nights alone. But wait, you need to capture those memories in photography. You need to choose the best photographer to do it for you. So, how do you go about hiring the best photographer? Remember, you need an expert who can capture those candid moments. So, before rushing into hiring a photographer, ask him/her the following questions.

What is Your Experience?
Ask the photographer how long he/she has been filming such moments. Also, request the number of wedding done per year. The bottom line is to get the most experienced photographer who will catch every detail.

Style is everything when it comes to wedding photography. So, don’t be afraid of the photographer’s explicit style. Remember, your photography requires a sense of style. Even more, you will want a style that complements your tastes and preferences. For instance, if you want things to be romantic, consider going for a photographer who is conversant with this style.

The Pricing
When it comes to weddings, nothing takes centre stage quite like price. So, go for a photographer you can afford. Don’t overstretch. At the same time, don’t go too cheap and compromise on quality. Consider different factors alongside the price. Look at the packages. Do they offer same-day edits? What about extra shooters? Also, consider getting a written contract. It will bind both parties into executing it to the letter.

Which Ceremony have You Shot Before
A professional photographer should be able to locate lighting and angles when doing photo shooting in any room. However, if that photographer has ever done photography before in your venue, that would be a plus. He/she will conduct the whole session naturally. From setting the tripod to choosing the best angles, a photographer who has ever worked in that venue will definitely make things easy.

Do You Have Any Other Commitment on That Day?
Ensure that your photographer has enough time for your wedding. It’s common for photographers to have several events in a day. That’s why you should ask your photographer about his/her schedule just to ensure that there is enough time for your event.

Preparedness and Backups
Anything can happen. From equipment failure to natural calamities—you cannot predict how the day will turn out. So, it’s important to ask the photographer is there is a backup camera in case the first one fails. Also, inquire about a second shooter and a stationary camera. These are the extras that can make the day a success. They will instil confidence in your side. You will rest knowing that everything is taken care of. For more tips on finding the right wedding photographer, visit our blog.

The Bottom-Line
The photographer you hire can make or break your photo shooting. That’s why getting it right is key. Remember, you will need these photos for years to come. So, going for the most experienced partner will play a key role. Use the above questions to screen photographers at your disposal before making a hire.