The Pros and Cons of Buying Refurbished Apple Products


Whenever Apple releases a new product, it creates hype. All the new features and the look of these products attract us to Apple. However, only a few of us can actually afford them.

Everyone knows how expensive Apple products are. Yet, it doesn’t stop us from wishing we owned one too. Don’t get disheartened by the high prices. This is where refurbished Apple products come in.

If you don’t know what refurbished means, these are the products that were once owned and used by people. But, these products were returned to Apple because of some issue or another. Apple’s engineers then fix the problems and resell them.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of buying refurbished Apple Products.

Why Should We Buy Refurbished Apple Products?

Buying refurbished Apple products can be a great investment. But, it’s always wise to be cautious when buying refurbished products. RefurbMe helps you understand where you can find official Apple-certified refurbished products.

You Get to Use Apple at a Lower Price
Apple products cost a lot of money. That’s why people buy Apple remanufactured products. In most cases, the price drops down by at least 15 percent. The older the models, the lower the price.

The refurbished Apple products show you how much you save. For example, you can get a refurbished iPhone X 64 GB at $599.00, which is a whopping $300 less than its current price.

For iPads, it will be 25 to 30 percent less than the original price. For Apple watches, you can get about 15 to 20 percent off. With Macbooks and Mac laptops, you can only get about$100 dollars off, depending on the model.

Refurbished Apple Products Are Rare
Refurbished Apple products are not that common. Apple doesn’t promote their selling of refurbished products. Hence, finding these products is not easy.

If you look through the refurbished section of Apple, you’ll find a lack of options. You can consider yourself lucky if you find the one you want.

They Are Factory Reconditioned
When Apple takes in a used product, they run tests to find out what’s wrong with it. They reboot the product and replace malfunctioning parts. After a thorough inspection, only properly functioning Apple products are resold.

The product then goes through a chain of tests. These tests determine whether the Apple product can be resold. When a product fails the test, Apple will try again to fix the issues.

There are a lot of con artists out there who sell Apple products that haven’t been factory reconditioned. They refresh the used item at home and try to sell it. This is why it’s crucial to buy refurbished products that have been reconditioned by Apple.

They Are Almost as Good as New
Your refurbished Apple product goes through a cleaning process. You receive an absolutely sterile device, both inside and out. You’ll find absolutely no sign of the product having been used.

For your Mac laptops or Macbooks, you’ll find that the hard disks are absolutely clean. The same goes for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple watches. Your product will seem as good as new. There won’t be any remaining data from the past user.

Plus, the products will receive new batteries and a new outer cover. All the accessories you get from buying a new product, you’ll get with a refurbished one. You can trust Apple’s reconditioning, since they have to uphold their brand name.

Apple’s One Year (Limited) Warranty
Even refurbished products have Apple’s one year warranty. If something goes wrong within that first year of use, Apple will fix it for free.

If your refurbished product malfunctions, Apple will do one of three things. They will run tests on your current product and fix your device. If there are faulty parts, they will replace them.

Or they will exchange the product for another that is the same in terms of type and value. Finally, if neither of those options work for you, you can get a refund.

If your reconditioned product is likely to malfunction, it will likely do so within the first 12 months of use. This makes refurbished products a low-risk investment.

What Are the Drawbacks of Buying Refurbished Apple Products?

It Takes Time to Find the Model You Want
There’s limited options for refurbished Apple products. They can only provide ones that have been returned and declared fit for resale.

This means that there is a lack of choice in what you can buy. If there is a certain model you want, you might have to wait for weeks.

If you can’t wait that long, you might have to settle for something else. You have to stay on the lookout for the product you want. Chances are that the moment it’s available, someone else might buy it.

You Have to Settle for an Older Model
Most of the refurbished products are older models. You’re not going to be at the top of your tech game with remanufactured products.

You might have to use an older model of iMacs, which is not too bad. But, when it comes to iPhones and Apple watches, you’ll feel the difference.

Technology changes every few months. An older product will not be up to date. You’ll have to make your peace with using technology that is a few years out of date.


If you’re thinking of buying refurbished Apple products, you might be hoping to buy cheaper products. Buying reconditioned Apple products is a great option. You’ll find a functional product that gives you good service and it won’t make a hole in your wallet.

However, you’ll have to make do with older technology. And chances are, the device you’re looking for will not be available any time soon.

Any refurbished product will be the same as the brand new product. And, in case it malfunctions, you can always use Apple’s one year warranty.