How to Save Time & Increase Revenue With Email Automation


Email marketing helps the business to stay in touch with customers: deliver information about promotions and assortment updates, inform about the status of the transaction, return users to the site.

One of the main advantages of email marketing is the ability to automate all the typical interactions between the user and the online business: registrations, transactional notifications, reactivation of “asleep” customers, and much more.

Automation can be used to notify potential customers about your brand, to talk about what you offer and why the client should give his preference to your site rather than competitors.
Although at this early stage of interaction with the audience, automation may not seem so useful but it can help you save a lot of time.

These routine processes are repeated every day, so they take a lot of time and effort if they are followed manually. Fortunately, the leading marketing automation platforms provide simple and convenient tools – drag-and-drop script builders for customer interactions.

In this article, we will analyze 4 simple strategies to increase sales using email marketing and alternative communication channels.

Unfinished view

According to the results of various eCommerce researches, 70-80% of visitors to an online store put goods in a basket. They have already shown their interest in a particular product, and this is your advantage. A reminder letter is a classic remarketing practice that allows you to “catch” already warm customers and complete the purchase.

The most popular strategy which is used by business for customers who put products into the basket:

– 2 hours after the event, a reminder is automatically sent to the client, after which the system waits a day and checks the basket again.

– If the purchase is completed, the script stops; if not, the user receives a web push reminder.
The system checks the basket after three days, and if the transaction is still not closed, it sends a Viber message with a discount on the goods in the basket.

– The browsing trigger works in a similar way when a client has been browsing your site for certain goods or product categories but has not ordered anything.

You can configure an automatic chain of two emails: the first one will have a block of products viewed by the customer and the second one will have the products viewed and recommended by the site.
Personalized marketing is much more effective because the customer receives information about what he is interested in personally.

Wish-list goods

If your site has the ability to send goods to the wishlist, the automatic mailing can be a nice opportunity to inform the customer that goods from the list is in stock or is available a discount on it.
If you have a product or service that requires constant updates, you can notify customers that they need something. Consider automatically sending out messages reminding people when it’s time to make an appointment, buy new filters, update parts, or extend your warranty. If the mailing is conducted in accordance with any schedule, provide the client with the opportunity to reflect the changes in his schedule in the mailing settings of these reminders.

So you will show care of the client, having informed to client news about the goods which have interested him, and your managers should not be necessary to look through in a database and to inform clients manually. The result is increased loyalty, additional sales, and saved resources.

Cross-selling and Upselling

All the strategies discussed above were based on customer product preferences. The same information can be used for cross-selling and upselling.

Cross-selling is a marketing technique to increase the amount of the check by selling related products. For example, if a customer is interested in shoes, he will be offered to buy products for shoes.

Upselling – the sale of a more expensive analog of product. For example, if the client is interested in the budget models of smartphones, automated emailing send him information about a more expensive analog of smartphone.

To use these techniques in e-mail marketing, use in letter blocks with product recommendations. Moreover, they can be substituted automatically.


The research results show that a potential customer buys with a probability of 5%-20%, while the chances of repeated purchase by the previous customer are 60-70%. That is why it is so important not to lose existing clients.

Configure email automation for users who have not opened your emails or have made a purchase on site a long time ago. It should provide an incentive to renew your brand interaction. For example, discounted promo codes or other special offers.

Those who haven’t reactivated should unsubscribe from the mailing list so that they don’t spend money on emails, they don’t read anyway.


All of the strategies discussed in this article are configured in minutes, after which they are constantly working on your business, helping to promote users through the sales funnel. At any time, you can optimize communication, for example by adding a new channel or changing the content of the message itself. In addition, you’re likely to come up with additional triggers that automate the customer experience that is specific to your business. But to make sure you increase sales, start with these best practices of email marketing.

Automating marketing is easy. Developing an automation strategy is more difficult. If you have not enough money on the specialist who can create for you email strategy, use LendGenius to get money. This company will help you to increase your profit from email marketing. With the new automation strategy your business will bring you more money.

All development comes down to asking the right questions. As soon as you can say with confidence who you want to contact and what you want to offer them before, during and after the conversion, the pieces of this puzzle will begin to assemble in one picture.

If you have already configured automation, analyze what you send and with what success. Look for opportunities to improve CTR, quality of leads – start working with them.