3 SEO Strategies That Will Work Now and In the New Year


Are you looking to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the year ends? Are you wondering which strategies can generate results now and extend into the coming year 2020? As you may already know, the SEO game changes before you even know it, and it can be quite a pain to keep up, especially if you are not an expert. As a business, hiring an SEO Company to help you keep up with the latest trends and keep your content and website visible is the way to go.

Cannot wait to know which techniques you need to apply? Here you go;

1. Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T)
Just like many website owners, I bet you work tirelessly to have domain authority. While domain authority was once all about the backlinks you have, today it is about E-A-T. While Google has always focused on E-A-T, it is placing more emphasis on those features now more than ever. The report on Google’s ‘How Search Works’ reports that Google intends to rank more reliable sources.

To achieve E-A-T on your site, you have got to be an expert or hire one. For example, if you have a medical website, you need to hire a health professional to write your content, because random freelancers will not cut it. To meet the E-A-T standards, you should also have a thorough about page, an easy to find contacts page, author bylines for articles, and references and external links, and terms of service and privacy policy.

2. Visual search
In case you have been downplaying visual search, you need to prepare to start embracing it! As much as visual search has not taken off, it is likely to be the next big thing in the year 2020. More people are warming up to visual search—the 1 billion users on Google lens cannot lie and neither can the 600 million monthly Pinterest visitors. Even Bing has upped its game, and its visual search is fantastic!

Visual search is especially helpful when shopping, identifying landmarks, translation, recipes, and when looking for directions. To optimize for visual search, you must use alt text for each image and descriptive names. Moreover, your image should be higher up on your page. If your content is fresh (recently updated) and you have an authoritative site, you are set to win the search game!

3. Video is exploding
I bet you saw this one coming. If images are effective, how much more do you think video content will help your SEO efforts? 99% of people will probably click on a video even if they do not watch to the end. People worldwide are craving video content. It’s either you give it to them or risk losing them to complying competitors. Include video in your featured snippets and organize your content to sections with videos in between.

You should also optimize your videos for SEO by use of relevant keywords. Additionally, upload a transcript to ensure that your users and Google grasp every word in your content. Do you have a YouTube channel? If not, start one, grow it, and watch your viewability explode.
So, have you employed the above SEO strategies?