Design Tips for Your Next Trade Show


At a trade show, you will be jostling for the attention of the attendees with over a dozen other exhibitors. The most creative booth will carry the day by attracting a large number of attendees. This translates to generating lots of leads and in return, a high number of sales. Therefore, you need to find a way to stand out from all the other exhibitors. Before you reach to Expocart for exhibitions and other accessories, consider the design tips below for your booth.

Ensure Quality Branding on the Top and Bottom
Have consistent branding across your booth. Ensure that everything that comes out of your booth is branded, too, including freebies, marketing materials and samples. Besides, all platforms, tables and displays must also be branded. This creates a wholesome look for your brand, which increases awareness.

Integrate Interactivity into the Exhibition
When everyone else will be providing passive materials such as brochures, videos and slides, you can go a step further by allowing attendees to participate in the presentation. You may have some tradeshow games and raffle tickets where participants stand a chance to win a freebie. You can have a touchscreen and VAR technology for product demos or even some products that visitors can try using at your booth. Interactive content is interesting and holds your visitors for much longer than passive content.

Avoid Clamping Your Booth with Items
Allow some space in your booth. Avoid filling it with furniture and displays such that it becomes hard for your visitors to walk around comfortably. Make it easy for groups to move from one display to the other and interact with your staff at any point in the booth. Keep the booth clean at all times as this forms part of the customer’s perception of your brand.

In the same breath, you should have negative space in your graphics. Do not fill the entire display with graphics and wording. Leave about 40 percent of the booth graphics canvas as space. Too many visuals and text is overwhelming and tends to bury the main message of your exhibition.

Take Note of the Quality of Images and Graphics
Images and other graphics may look great on mobile devices and desktops but may become pixelated when printed over a large canvas. It is important that you have high quality images for your branding and displays. In the same line, ensure that you choose the right font so that the text is read with ease from a distance. Try to give the images an extra pop so that they stand out when printed. It is recommended that you hire a professional designer to optimise your images before printing them.

Choose the Right Colours
Colours communicate a lot of things to different people. Depending on your brand and products, you may blend different colours. Cool colours like green, purple and blue look professional although they do not grab visitor attention. Warm colours like red, yellow and orange grab attention but may become overbearing if used excessively in the logo or textiles in the booth. A good colour strategy should incorporate both types of colour in the right propositions so that your brand looks both engaging and professional.

Create a Focal Point in the Booth
There are parts of the booth that easily capture the eyes of the visitors than others. These places are usually the back walls. In these focal points, you need to put the essential elements of your exhibition, the message and the brand logo. If the booth has more than one focal point, you can utilise the other focal point to put the most important pieces of information about your offering. However, avoid putting lots of information or graphics in these areas.

Keep your Message Brief and Easy to Understand
Create a compelling but brief message about your brand. Pair it with a few headlines that have an impact on the customer’s purchase decision. This way, prospects will remember the brand value proposition without having to read long paragraphs. Remember, visitors will have gone through various booths by the end of their visit. You need to provide them with a message that they will recall above all that they will have seen at the trade show. Large printed displays should have even shorter messages but ones that can be read from a distance.

There is no magic bullet when designing a booth that will stand out in an exhibition. You need to combine various aspects so that you are able to attract more prospects and convert them into viable leads. The tips above will assist you in achieving just that.