UX or UI: 7 Key Reasons UI/UX Designers are Important for Business


A phone app that keeps crashing, a long form that refuses to save, a page that won’t load. Annoyances stand out in our memory, sometimes more often than happy moments. Unfortunately, these complications can cause you to lose site visitors—and potential sales.

88% of online shoppers won’t return to a company website after an unhappy user experience.
Together, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design play a big role in keeping customers happy. If you can keep customers happy, you can keep them around for a long time. With a UX design company, you can ensure your site is designed with long-term business growth in mind.

Keep reading to discover the seven key reasons a UX/UI designer is essential to your business.

Attract & Engage

When people visit your website, what sets you apart from your competitors? Is there a form, clearly labeled and easy to find? For successful UX or UI design, you need to make sure your site appears attractive.

First, consider your customers. What are they looking for when they first visit your website?

Appealing to the visitor’s needs can help you attract them, then encourage them to explore.

The first few seconds people spend on your website or app are critical. Their first impression will determine whether they stick around and explore or simply leave. A high bounce rate (when people visit and don’t click around) can impact your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

Consider what your customers need first and foremost. In some cases, it’s an easy-to-use form. For others, it’s a clear navigation, so visitors can find the pages they’re looking for.

Once you’ve attracted the eye, you need to engage visitors. Focusing on engagement through UX and UI design will help you turn visitors into leads.

Make sure the site or app isn’t difficult to navigate and explore.

Otherwise, visitors will leave without engaging.

With a UX/UI designer, you can find the right balance to attract and engage your visitors.

Easy Peasy Usability

Whether you prioritize UX or UI, it’s all about usability.
Remember, your customers are the ones exploring your site and putting it to use. With that in mind, your website or app should appeal to your specific target market.

If your product or service is about making the customer’s life easier, shouldn’t the website make their lives easier, too?

A UX/UI designer will prioritize the user’s comfort. Users should have the ability to browse through pages and navigate the site without obstructions. Otherwise, their frustration might encourage them to leave.

Simplicity is key. Instead of a complicated website, focus on what visitors are using the site for. For example, if they want a specific product or service page, how will they get there?

35 million Americans now own a voice-activated smart assistant. These devices allow users to navigate hands-free. With the rise in people saying “Okay Google” or requesting Siri’s help, it’s essential UX designers respond to the trend.

With the latest trends in mind, a talented UX/UI designer can make sure your site is easy to use for any visitor.

All About Users

UX or UI design also focuses on empathy.
So why is this important to your business? By demonstrating empathy, you’re showing customers you care about their problems and needs. Then, you can respond to those problems by becoming their go-to solution.
To use empathy in your design, it’s important to understand how people will use your site or app.

If time is of the essence for your users, your design should reflect that. For a site packed with information, navigation and readability are key.

Keep up with comments from your customers. If they note a problem, respond by updating your UX and UI design to show people you care about your customers.

Boost the Brand

You can’t neglect the site or app’s visible appearance. After all, the design can impact how people perceive your company’s brand.

With a talented UX or UI designer on your team, you can use your brand to increase clicks and engagement.
Implementing your brand colors throughout the website will improve brand recognition. You can also use stand-out colors on your call-to-action buttons to draw the eye. Using your brand within the design can help improve long-term customer loyalty.

Long-term Retention

When you prioritize UX or UI design, you’re showing customers you’re helpful and dependable. When your site or app is easy to use, you’ll also inspire people to use your site every day.

If you can retain your customers, you can encourage repeat sales and continue growing your business.

Hiring talented UI/UX designers can help you retain your customers through smarter design.

Kick Up Credibility

An easy-to-use website that prioritizes user experience will show customers you’re professional. A messy, complicated website, on the other hand, can hurt your credibility. Customers might even choose your competitors instead, causing you to lose business.

Make that first impression count! Show visitors you’re the professional they need as the answer to their problems.

Adding social proof, such as reviews and seals, on your website can show customers you’re professional and credible as well.

Grow On

Showing customers you’re professional, helpful, and credible can add value to your business.

UX/UI design focuses on keeping customers happy. When your users are satisfied, they’ll come back to your business for more.

Smarter design will also help you influence the user’s buying behavior. With UX or UI design, you can grab the user’s attention, then lead them towards a form. As a result, you’re able to boost sales and your business.

Why try UX or UI to boost your business? With a UX/UI designer at your side, you can focus on your users. That attention to detail can help you satisfy visitors and encourage them to become paying customers!