5 Street Photography Tips To Capture New York City With Some Untapped Locations


The New York City or ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ is a complex yet beautiful destination that every person should visit at least once in their lifetime. This place has so much to offer from foods to clothing to mesmerizing locations and countless other things. The city is perfect for all the photo enthusiasts who love to capture different aspects of a city. The never-ending content of this city will make you fall in love with it. You will have an unforgettable time capturing the essence of this city.

With the camera around your neck, you will capture the best candid shots of your lifetime. Street photography is all about capturing the everyday life and activity of thousands of people around. New York City offers an excellent opportunity for all street photographers with its mixed culture of people, places, and activities. In this article, we will guide you through 5 best street photography tips that will help you to capture the best of New York City.

Use the ‘Shooting From The Hip’ Technique

This old and incredible technique will land you up with some great pictures and candid shots of the streets. This technique means to shoot a photo without looking in the viewfinder. The best way is to rest the camera on your stomach and go clicking the pictures on the busy streets. You may find it a little weird for the first time, but the results will totally amaze you. Try this technique on a street that is not too busy and you have an approximate target of 20-30 meters.

Pick a Spot in the Busiest Area and Wait to Capture the Best

The streets of the city have a certain speed, and it may get challenging to get a perfect shot with everyone moving around. So find a good location for you to stand from where you can get maximum visibility. Standing still at a place will help you to pay more attention to the surroundings and the walkers.

Settling down at one position will increase the odds of getting something exciting to happen in front of the camera. This way, you will capture many impromptu moments with your little friend hanging around the neck. Also, another benefit of it is that you don’t have to move into people’s space, and they will be moving into your personal space.

Use Freeze Motion Settings to get Sharp Images

Cameras these days are much more advanced and handle much higher ISO’s. By increasing the ISO, you will allow the camera to use a faster shutter speed and little aperture. Capture a few photographs, and you will notice the pictures will be sharper and will look great on the streets.

You can set the ISO level between 200 to 400 for bright sunny days. For a lighter shade, go till 800, 1600 if the tone is dark and for night photography set the ISO between 3200 to 6400. Try this way to get some lovely candid shots.

The Best Locations to Shoot

New York is a big city, and you can wander for a lifetime capturing every corner of the town. But few places listed below are good locations where you can get some amazements to click.

– 5th Avenue and 57th Street
Standing amongst the busiest streets of New York City, you will find all kinds of fashions here. The shop windows here make a beautiful background, and you can encounter tourists from around the world.

– Coney Island
The surroundings of this place are quite photogenic, and in the summertime, you may find the best of New Yorkers here. It is a fun place, and people from every place come here to enjoy and make memories. You may capture great amusing faces at this place.

– Chinatown
This is one of the few places which have unusual and beautiful surroundings to offer. From multiple restaurants to the Columbus park, you will find many people and activities that will interest you to capture the place. You may even find a few photo stores here that can provide you with the best street photography tips to click this place.

– Broadway
Street photography is not just limited to the streets, the Broadway will have some exciting options for you to capture.

– The Manhattan Bridge
Just take a walk on this bridge, and you will find the greatness it has to offer to you. The gorgeous views of the old buildings and the fantastic view of the huge skyscrapers in the background will land you up with golden pictures.

Change the Perspective

The city will give you a thousand opportunities for a different perspective each time. A photo taken of a place a thousand times can still bring a new story with a new perspective. Use your creativity to change the angles and click snaps with a different mindset every time. These little street photography tips will just bloom your creativity.


Just plan a day, take your camera out and go with these street photography tips. Remember to experiment more and more with each aspect of the city streets. The results you will get will be truly magnificent. Also, a freebie elaborating on how to capture the essence of The Big Apple as a tourist, is included for you that you can get through this link down below.

The Ultimate Guide To Photography In New York City

New York City is a paradise to capture the most unique and weirdest moments through the lens of your camera. Wish you good luck!