Antivirus Strategy: To Be or Not To Be


Let’s say, you are an aspiring entrepreneur who only begins the business journey or opens a start-up that is true dedication. Or consider you are a freelancer that works remotely with a vast amount of data. Or you are a person who is fond of games. What common trait would be similar for all these different cases?

We are talking about the PC or Mac, smartphone, or tablet, everything that is inseparable from the every-day lifestyle of a student or person who runs their business. Usually, we don’t think that much about our data security. Although we are cautious about disclosing too much about us in social media or even our bank statements. How can we be sure that we are protected, regardless of our age, hobbies, and vocation?

Here we will see the most common threats and how to avoid them in our modern-day interactions with unlimited webspace.

You’ve Got Mail

Emails are the most common and popular way to spread viruses and trojans via attachments since the early nineties. You never know whether it is a friendly reminder of something essential or a potential cause for the data breach. Viruses are very tricky and mess up not only with your device, but your data like passwords, bank details, and other files saved on your disk. Trojans are more aimed at stealing information from every possible outlet it can reach. To make sure you are not a victim of such a virus, take a close look into a good trojan virus remover software to prevent violation of your personal data.

Of course, there can be a precautionary measure, like double-checking and having a good look at the sender and email subject. If you are uncertain you ever subscribed to any newsletters or contacted someone who cries for help or offers you a deal of a lifetime, then it is most likely a territory you don’t want to enter. Still, emails and scams are evolving and learning from past mistakes, being indistinguishable from regular newsletters you probably are used to getting. We should also learn and outsmart fraudsters with decent antivirus that will block an attack before it could do any damage.

Spare WiFi

Alright, who doesn’t need WiFi when having a bad cellular connection? However, there’s an even bigger catch than with emails. When connecting to the unprotected network, you risk your smartphone data integrity. Let’s be honest, it’s quite an end of the world, since all data we got used to storing on the device we carry around.

Man-in-the-middle attacks are quite sophisticated but possible for those who want to receive access to all your data and communication with specific individuals. When hacker connects through the unsecured network, they start to play ping pong with all sensitive information you possess. It ends up with huge data breaches that can result in even more troubles than a bit of embarrassment for sharing too many cat videos. Always set an extension that will encrypt your data and secure your WiFi connection.

Seems legit software

Another problem for your data integrity is rootkits that can come as an unpleasant addition to legitimate software. After you give an application permission to have access to your OS, the rootkit infiltrates in your device and rests until hackers remotely activate it and gain a pass to your passwords and a possibility to disable antivirus. Always be sure where you are looking for software, how it is presented, and what are the possible implication to give it too much access to your OS or device.

Troubles dot com

Here is the most problematic aspect of Internet surfing, and you never know where danger is hiding until it is too late. Shady websites can end up with DoS attacks, adware and spyware, and phishing. It all starts with innocent pop-ups that turn out to be the worst nightmare. It can seriously ruin your hardware and cause a data breach. Always use extensions, and additional security, usually dubious websites and emails have no powers against properly working antivirus, even if it is a best antivirus free.

Sum up
Never give hackers and viruses a second chance. Always be aware that even if you are attentive and smart, someone out there thought about all possible ways how to confuse you and get what they want. Don’t hesitate to consult with specialists and give a try for free antivirus for the first moment until there will be a possibility to pay for subscription and pack.