How to Plan a Group Tour of New York City’s Architecture


New York City has some evident architecture masterpiece that makes the skyline of the town magnificent, but it also has some hidden gems that will inspire you. If you are planning a group tour to explore the architecture of NYC then start with contacting charter bus rentals in NYC so that the architect in you doesn’t make your heels ache. There are also other options, but for me, i think renting Limos, Party Buses & Charter Buses from Limo Find is one the best way to explore NYC. Yes, it is true, the insatiable hunger for contemporary and modern architecture of NYC will make you wonder about the history and make you explore more. If you are planning a weekend trip then check out some unusually intriguing options that will give you a glimpse of something old yet iconic:

The Shed
It is a cultural heritage where art lovers can visit and get transported to a different era. The 2,00,000 square feet art centre was designed by Diller and Renfro along with Rockwell Group. The outer shell of the building is on wheels that move away electronically from the main building.

Ellis Island
Contrary to its dreary reputation, it was once home of immigrants who wanted to start a new in USA. It was built in early 1900; it is now a part of Statue of Liberty National Monument and is forever engraved in the history of the USA. It is not the most visited site, so if you are looking for solace and want to take a stroll down the history then it is a perfect place.

World Trade Centre Transportation Hub
It is one of the challenging landmarks in terms of construction. Reaching here is not an easy task considering the physical complexity and crowded NYC. It was inaugurated in the summer of 2016, and the interior of Oculus has a 3, 65,000 retail space mall called Westfield World Trade Center mall that can occupy 113 tenants. It is indeed an architectural marvel that cannot be missed.

Queensboro Bridge
It was designed by Henry Hornbostel, an American architect who is an understated bridge because of the fame enjoyed by the Brooklyn Bridge. The 3724 ft long bridge connects Manhattan with Queens and offers a breath-taking view of the New York’s skyline. It has been featured in few flicks but is mainly remembered because of The Great Gatsby and The Dark Knight Rises. If you want to visit the less visited place then Queensboro Bridge should be in your list of less crowded placed in NYC.

Ansonia Hotel
If you want to learn something amount the history of the city, then the Ansonia Hotel is a must visit (ideal for stay). It is standing tall since 1904 and is a symbol of Beaux art style interiors. Initially, it was a hotel with a terrace converted into a farm with farm animals like hens and goats, but that did not last long. In 1972, it was declared as the hallmark of the city as it was called by the officials as, “Joyous exuberance profiled against the sky.”

Washington Square Park
While in making, nobody thought Washington Square Park will become an essential landmark of the city. The dense park with lush green plants is located in the Greenwich neighbourhood and covers ten acres of land. Even though it is smaller than other central parks the beautiful arch makes it a touristy place.

Trinity Church
The 281ft tall structure is made in Gothic style, and its construction was completed in 1846. When the modern day building crumbled down on September 11, 2011, the Trinity Church was standing tall like the faith of the people in God. It is located at the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street thoroughfares and is an ideal place to spend some time in the company of mighty. The interiors of the Church are captivating and give a glimpse of Gothic traditions.

Apart from the above-mentioned landmarks, there are many other like Flatiron Building, VIA 57 West, The High Line, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Public Library, etc that will make your group tour memorable.